Keyboard Bench – Reviews of Adjustable Benches for Portable Keyboards & Pianos

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Keyboard Bench Reviews. Find reviews of adjustable and foldable benches suitable for portable home keyboards and pianos and also for professional keyboards for stage use. Most of these benches have an x-style design, are height adjustable, usually don’t come with storage space, but are lighter, compact and easily portable. They are also quite cheaper compared to piano benches. Most beginners use these benches at home, working musicians use it on stage. You may skip directly to the best keyboard bench on Amazon.

Best Piano Keyboard Benches

World Tour, Yamaha, Onstage are popular manufacturers of keyboard benches. These keyboard benches will keep you comfortable and stable during practice sessions and performances. Keyboard benches are usually chaper than piano benches (especially the leather-cushioned artist benches). Keyboard players will find a wide variety of designs across a wide price range.

On Stage KT7800
Padded, Height (19.5-24.5″), Collapsible, Dimensions: 5 x 28 x 15 in
On Stage KT7800 Plus Padded Keyboard Bench
List Price: $47.95
Price: $47.95
Price Disclaimer
Yamaha PKBB1
Padded, Height (17.5-19.5″), folds up, Dimensions: 4.4 x 26.3 x 13.09 in
Padded, Height (19-23.7″), not designed to be stowed daily, Dimensions: 5.79 x 26.3 x 14.4 in

Here are some more good-quality keyboard benches.

Ohuhu X-style Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench

Ohuhu X-style Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench
List Price: $23.99
Price: $23.99
Price Disclaimer

Ohuhu may not be a known brand yet, but this product is getting good reviews from buyers.

Padded seat, adjustable height, Folds flat, sturdy, and reasonably priced compared to other benches.

Height adjusts to 3 positions: 15 3/4″, 17 3/4″ & 19″.
Supports up to 370 lbs.
Seating area: 16″ by 11 3/4″

Its simple, compact, fairly comfortable and easy to set up for keyboard playing.

On Stage DT8500 Guitar/Keyboard Stool

On Stage DT8500 Guitar/Keyboard Throne
List Price: $89.95
Price: $69.95
You Save: $20.00
Price Disclaimer

This is a great seat designed to work for keyboard players as well as guitarists, so if you can play both this is a winner right away.

More importantly, it comes with a backrest.

It is height adjustable, the padded seat and backrest is finished with a rugged vinyl that looks rich, like real leather. It is important to have your feet firmly planted on the floor. The braced legs ensure that and the footrest is also ideal for guitarists. The footrest is ideal for guitarists, it’s lightweight and is ideal for the gigging musician.

This throne is suitable for Guitar/Keyboard and even drum players.

Yamaha PKBB1 X-Style Keyboard Bench

Yamaha PKBB1 X-Style Keyboard BenchYamaha is a popular brand, known for its quality for several years now. This is one of their best-selling benches and is fully adjustable and foldable for traveling ease. The black finish, extra-thick padding and extra-wide single seat offers the best comfort for hours of practicing and performing, read more… Thick, firm seat provides sufficient support and cushioning, while its built-in air vent allows it to breathe and adjust under pressure to increase its lifespan. Dimensions: 22.25 x 13.25 x 19.5 in, Weight: 14.4 pounds.

World Tour Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench

World Tour Deluxe Padded Keyboard BenchSolid little bench, is sturdy and comfortable. It comes with a large 12″ x 17″ bench seating area with thick foam bench padding, features convenient three locking adjustable height positions with non-slip rubber end caps. The heavy-duty steel construction makes it sturdy for players up to 250 lbs. Read more…
Three adjustable locking height positions, can accommodate musicians weighing as much as 250 pounds, Weight: 9.5 pounds.

On Stage KB8902 Flip Top Keyboard Bench

This keyboard bench is sturdily built and comes with a 3 inch cushion that provides adequate comfort for hours of play. Suitable for piano players of all levels and heights, as it extends from 19 to 25 inches tall. Its double deadbolt locking system keeps it secure from accidental collapse. The built-in flip-top seat gives adequate storage space for numerous music books and other music accessories.
Can support up to 360 pounds.
Dimensions: 5 x 28 x 15 in, Weight: 14.7 pounds

Best Adjustable Piano Benches

Do you prefer the four legged versions to the x-style ones? Something that looks elegant (and luxurious)? In that case a piano bench could be used on stage, in the studio or in your home. You get piano benches with storage as well that gives you extra storage space for music sheets and other music accessories. The construction quality is usually good of piano benches and the seats are adequately comfortable.

Piano & Keyboard Benches: Guide / Features

Ask any music professional, and they will tell you why it is so important to give optimum back support, both while performing or when practicing. A correct posture is really important when sitting at the instrument either while practicing or when performing.

This is where accessories like keyboard & piano benches become so important, because of their height adjustable feature and also because of their padded bench. These ensure the best lower torso support, which are critical to maintain good posture and for good health & longer musical practice.

A good posture and the right seat height ensure good ergonomics; it means you can practice or play for hours without giving you body any stress related injuries.

If you are really serious about playing the piano, then don’t try to cut costs by using smaller and inferior keyboard benches. Over a period of time it can cause bad health and also debilitating injury.

A keyboard bench’s height adjustment feature makes it a good accessory that you need for playing your keyboard. In fact most of these benches can be used with many other music instruments as well.

To be able to play comfortably, you need to feel comfortable. Even if you are just a learner and have an electronic keyboard /digital piano at home, you will need to get one for yourself to help you maintain the correct posture.

This is even more important if you’re a performer, because of the number of hours you would spend practicing and performing so you need something really comfy to sit on while performing. Besides, as you will be constantly traveling you will need something which is foldable easy to carry around,

In terms of options, here is a good X-style keyboard bench that you can opt for. It is height adjusted, can be folded, and it is very easy to carry around as it.

A lot of performers are not comfortable with the x-style keyboard benches and prefer a bench that comes with four legs. For those, here is a nice flip top keyboard bench that comes with storage options as well.

If you are a performer and more comfortable with the standing position, a good keyboard stool may also be considered. Keyboard stools can be adjusted to a height much above a normal seated position so you would actually be leaning against the keyboard stool.

Piano Keyboard Bench, Stool: Features
Most keyboard benches / stools normally cost around 25 to 100 USD. The more common features are summarized here.

  • Sturdy – A bench needs to be sturdy just because the player can be of any size. Some of the models are designed to withstand weight up to 250 lbs – I guess that should cover everybody.
  • Seating area – They have sufficient seating area for you to sit comfortably and perform.
  • Comfortable – To make the seating surface comfortable to sit on and to eliminate fatigue, benches and keyboard stools have seat cushion. The amount of cushioning varies depending on the model you buy.
  • Height adjustable – This is important! You can adjust the height of a Piano Keyboard Bench according to your convenience. You can even do a full close for easy storage and portability.
  • Rubber end caps – They have non-slip rubber end caps to prevent the bench/stool from moving. The rubber helps to get a good grip on the ground surface.

Here’s a complete guide on keyboard benches…

Keyboard Bench


All these benches are quite easy to assemble and height-adjust. If it’s an x-style stand, the bench seat will have rails with holes on the bottom and the x-legs attach to these rails by push pins. All the benches have thumb screws to set the height at the desired level and also to tighten and secure the seat. The more expensive ones are made of sturdy material, are very stable and have top quality padded foam for the best comfort. So checkout a preferable keyboard bench today!

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