Keyboard Bag – Soft Cases and Gig Bag to Protect your Instrument

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Keyboard Bag, Soft Case, Gig Bag

Keyboard Bag, Soft Cases and Gig Bag to protect your Keyboard Instrument from shocks, knocks and scratches. It has pockets to carry your accessories as well.

Have you bought a music keyboard recently, or planning to buy one?

If you are a beginner, you will find a keyboard bag useful to carry your instrument to the music teacher or to the school for piano lessons.

If you carry your keyboard to the studio or for gigs regularly, soft cases are perfect to give that minimum bit of protection and also to pack in those necessary accessories.

In terms of choices, depending on your keyboard, you can choose either a 61 key or a 76-key or an 88 key gig bag.

Easy to Carry

I recommend keyboard bags because it is easy to carry around your music keyboard in a bag. You can easily and safely carry your keyboard to gigs, band practice sessions, or for keyboard lesson.

All these keyboard bags have shoulder-belts making it easier to carry the music keyboard on your shoulders.

Keyboard Gig Bag, Soft Case

Recommended Keyboard Bags

Keep Things Together

All these keyboard cases have zipped pockets to keep your keyboard accessories together at one place. You can keep your power adapters, pedals, user manual and cables together in these pockets.

All your music notes and books can also be stored within the keyboard-bag so that you do not have to search for them when you sit down to practice.

Some of the bags also have straps for you to attach your keyboard stand. So if you intend to carry your keyboard out of your house, you can carry all the relevant things, which you need, together.

Gives Protection

The keyboard bag, also known as soft keyboard case or padded gig bag, protects your instrument from shocks, bumps, knocks, scratches and accidental liquid spills.

When not in use you can safely keep your music keyboard inside the soft case without having to worry about anything.

These soft cases are made from waterproof materials, and have strong shoulder belts, zips and pockets since they are used to keep the keyboard accessories as well.

Various Brands

If you go in for a custom made keyboard soft case, you can add extra pockets or straps as needed. You can have straps to attach your keyboard stand as well.

Make sure you give proper keyboard measurements when ordering for custom made covers.

Some of the well known brands which make Keyboard bags are World Tour, Yamaha, Gator and Kaces. You have options of going in for a 61 key or a 76-key or an 88 key gig bag, depending on your keyboard.

Gator Micro Keyboard Bag

A great buy for your microKorg, Well padded all around, good quality zipper, and a nice rubber feet on the bottom to protect the gear. Comfortable shoulder strap, large exterior pocket for your accessories, reinforced comfort handles.

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  1. I´m having trouble in finding a bag that will fit my keyboard. It is an old 1989 Roland Rhodes 660 PCM Keyboard 61 keys; which I’ve just recently brought second hand. (It came with no bag).

    The dimensions ( according to the keyboard manual):

    978 (width), x 281 ( Depth) x (height).

    Or. 38″. 1/2.(Width) x 11″. 1/16. (Depth)x 3″.5/16.(Height). In inches…..

    Not sure if weight will help, but it is 8.0kg, or 17lb, 11oz.

    I will be using the keyboard mainly, at home. However,I will need a bag that will cover as storage,and when not used. I am looking into a dust cover separately, I’ve not made up my mind yet on that one, wether to get one as well, or just have the keyboard bag. It will also need to be strong. (As, later on in the year I will be moving, fortunately it will be going in the car.

    As I am having trouble finding a bag to fit it, I thought I look into custom made.

    Would it be possible, if you could give me a rough idea of how much I should be looking to pay for a custom made keyboard bag?

    Thank you!!

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