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You need to use genuine and reliable keyboard adapter & power supply to protect your keyboard instrument and other electric based gear from voltage spikes and fluctuations.

Read all about Keyboard Adapters for your Casio, Yamaha and other Keyboard brands! Find out if you get a universal power adapter that works with all piano keyboard brands.

Know all about the power supply requirements, including surge protectors and UPS, for your digital piano keyboards and for your digital recording setup.

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Why Keyboard Power Adapters?

A keyboard power adapter is a very important accessory that comes along with your musical instrument!

It is important… because it connects your electronic keyboard to the main power supply!

The concern here is not that you would get an electric shock. I think all the keyboard power adapters would take that basic safety precaution.

The concern here is that it may not be efficient in handling the voltage fluctuations in the power supply, which in turn could damage your electronic keyboard.

Genuine keyboard adapters on the other hand are designed to handle these fluctuations (we will talk about exceptions and alternatives further down), besides efficiently using electricity.

In case, you ever misplace your keyboard power adapter, don’t be tempted to buy any other adapter!

Always go in for a genuine, branded keyboard power adapter!

Finding the Right Keyboard Power Adapter

But it may not always be possible to get the original power adaptar for your music keyboard. It could be out of stock or it could have become obsolete.

In that what are your options? Should get a universal power adapter or a 12v dc power supply or maybe a 5v power supply or anything else?

In such instances, you may do the following.

Find the voltage and the milliamp rating required for your keyboard. This is usually mentioned at on the back or the underside of your music keyboard.

For example, you may see something like ‘9V’ for the voltage rating and ‘900mA’ for the milliamp rating.

So even if you have to buy a different brand of adapter, these are the two numbers that you need to look for in the new power adapter.

With those two numbers, you can find the exact power adapter you need.

Recommended Power Supply Products

Keyboard Adapters

Since we are taking about electronic items here, and because the cost of the digital piano or recording equipment in question could vary a lot, there are several options / combinations that one may consider.

To begin with, if you are just looking for a power adapter for your electronic keyboard, depending on the brand you may consider one of the following:

Bestselling Planet Waves 9V Power Adapter

Casio power supply and adapters…

Yamaha power supply & adapter…

Other power supply & adapters…

Surge Protectors

Now if you want a multiple slots to plug in multiple electronic devices, say your electronic keyboard, your computer, your printer, and may be your home hi-fi system as well, then you may go in for a multi-outlet surge protector.

Though most of them are known as surge protector, there are varied experiences from users under extreme voltage fluctuations (where these are actually supposed to work). In most inexpensive surge protectors, over a period of time the internal components wear out and are not really effective guarding against spikes.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have cases of power fluctuations where you live and are looking for a multi-outlet power supply, a good budget surge protector will suffice.

For those of you who experience power fluctuations in our area and have a rather expensive digital piano keyboard, you may consider surge protectors that come with the PowerBlocker automatic shutdown technology. Basically it disconnects the line when a surge is detected, and that way it also ensures a longer life for its components. So you may go in for a surge protector with powerblocker.

UPS System

Do you experience more voltage fluctuations, blackouts, brownouts, in your area?

Do you have an expensive digital piano or music workstation? Do you do recording work as well at home and would prefer to have some time to save your stuff in case of an emergency? Maybe you should get a UPS.

A small UPS (750 VA) should be sufficient for your setup. You may go in for a higher rating UPS if you desire so.

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