French Composer Jean-Michel Jarre on Making Electronic Music (& Money)

Interview with French star Jean-Michel Jarre, who says making music is like cooking, sex & magic.

Who is Jean-Michel Jarre?

Jean Michel Jarre is a French composer, performer, and music producer, known for organising outdoor spectacles featuring lights, laser displays, and fireworks. Jean is considered to be a pioneer in the electronic, ambient, and new-age genres.

Watch the interview on Skavlan (Norwegian-Swedish television talk show hosted by Norwegian journalist Fredrik Skavla)

In the interview, Jean-Michel Jarre says (when asked what advice he can give to youngsters) that “Don’t listen to any advice, do what you like and be yourself.”

Compensation for Musicians

One of the highest-earning musicians, Jean says “Music today has never generated so much money. The problem is that authors and creators have never got so little.”

On the topic of compensation for musicians, Jean-Michel Jarre asks music companies to “Pay creators fairly”.

“It is not a matter that we should complain about because we are now entering an entirely new age. We’ve never been listening to so much music. If you take a company like Spotify, its value is more than $8 billion and yet the majority of artists at the end of the year get the cost of a pizza without pepperoni. So it is something we have to readjust – we have to reinvent a business model for the 21st century for artists.”

Jean urges artists (both famous and not-so-famous) to “stop grumbling” and start talking to powerful tech companies.

Listen to the timeless Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre (His career started with Oxygene in 1976)

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