Jay Turser JTA-424-QCET-LH-TSB Left Handed Acoustic Electric Guitar


Jay Turser JTA-424-QCET-LH-TSB Left Handed Acoustic Electric Guitar Jay Turser jta-424-qcet-lh-tsb Left Handed, Acoustic-electric Guitar reviewed here.
This is an impressive guitar at a good price, for the left-handed players. The electronics are decent, and the tuner is convenient to use. You can modify the setup to suit your playing style (if you wish to). Suitable for the beginner/intermediate players.

Built-in Electric Tuner
With this, its very easy to get your guitar in-tune all the time. If the string/tune is flat or sharp a red light glows that indicates its not in tune. If the sting is tuned correctly, a green light will be seen, which means its correctly tuned. You need to do that for all the strings.

The tuner requires a 9-volt battery to operate.


  • Cutaway, auditorium size guitar that comes with a tuner
  • The guitar is made of Catalpa wood with gloss finish
  • It has Quilted top and comes with Rosewood fingerboard

Here are some REAL reviews of customers:

Good Finish & Sound
This guitar is fantastic, totally worth it. Its a bit darker than in the picture and looks great with the sunburst finish. The electronics work perfectly, and the Tuner is dead on perfect. For a left handed acoustic/electric with a cutaway, this is probably the best you can get for the price.

Solid First Guitar
The best part is that this model is available as “left handed”, which is what I needed. Great sound, built-in tuner, not very expensive, this is what I needed as my first guitar. I did change to lighter strings for brighter sound. I highly recommend this guitar.

Excellent Instrument
I bought this as a gift for my granddaughter and was not sure about what to expect. But it really turned out to be a very good quality guitar with beautiful sound & handsome finish. The on-board electronics were icing on the cake.

Jay Turser JTA-424-QCET-LH-TSB Left Handed Acoustic Electric Guitar

Overall, this is a great auditorium size guitar for the price. Made with high-quality construction, the Jay Turser JTA-424-QCET-LH-TSB comes with a built-in tuner and is perfect for the left-handed beginner looking for a decent acoustic-electric guitar.

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