Jamplay Review: Best Online Guitar Lessons

Jamplay is one of the most popular and also the largest video guitar lesson site in the world (its a trusted course that has been around for a decade). The Jamplay guitar learning course offers over 1000 hours of high-definition video guitar lessons (designed by expert teachers), and teaches different styles of guitar (traditional guitar learning focuses on a particular teaching style initially and offers limited stylistic exposure to beginners).

Jamplay: Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Something for everyone. Lessons on wide range of music styles. Interface has a polished look. Several tools to help learning (scale finders, chord builders). Video chat with instructors
  • Cons:: Lessons geared towards intermediate and advanced players. Video clips cannot be to your laptop or computer (you need to be connected to the Internet)
  • Who is it for?: Jamplay is a great choice for guitarist of various skill levels and interests. It teaches you finger-style, jazz, rock, blues and more. Jamplay is also perfect for the younger guitar student.

To get an idea of the quality of lessons that Jamplay offers, we suggest that you take a look at several of the free guitar lessons that they have available on their site.

Jamplay: Course content

  • Jamplay is broken up into 4 sections (phases). Each phase covers a different thing – fundamental skills, genre lessons, real songs (favorites), and songwriting.
  • Beginner section covers guitar basics, how to tune your guitar, correct posture, guitar techniques, how to read tabs and play basic chords. This section is for those who have never played the guitar before.
  • Advanced lessons covers Styles, Techniques, Artist Studies, Practice, Chords & Scales, Gear & Tone
  • In the artist series, you get access to high quality lessons from some of your favourite guitarists.
  • Lot of popular songs are includes and several different styles are taught — fingerpicking folk, rock, pop, indie rock, gypsy jazz, fingerstyle blues, and more.
  • Jamplay comes with a forum too.

Video Lessons: Different Resolutions

Jamplay videos lessons are available in 3-5 different resolutions (Low-Quality, Medium-Quality, High-Quality, and Super High-Quality, and 720p-Quality) to address varied internet connection speeds.

Even the lessons are broken down into chapters, because those are faster to download as compared to a single 1 hour-long video.

Despite these measures, Jamplay may not work well for super-slow-speed internet users. If you’re unfortunate enough to only have a basic dial-up internet connection, a much better choice would be to get the Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar DVD course.

If you are looking for a web-based online guitar lesson program, you simply won’t find a better one out there than Jamplay. Period. Visit Official Site

Ordering Information

Jamplay comes with a 7-Day 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the lessons, you can contact Jamplay’s customer service within 7 days of ordering, and you’ll receive a full refund without any hassle.

Our suggestion is that you buy a one month subscription to see what Jamplay has to offer, then if you like what you see, you can upgrade to a longer subscription at the reduced price (you are free to cancel at any time).

Official Jamplay Website


If you are looking for an excellent web-based online guitar lesson program, Jamplay is definitely the best obe out there. Its our #1 pick for guitar lessons and we highly recommended it!

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