iPad iPhone MIDI Interfaces

Make music with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

iPad / iPhone MIDI Interfaces
Here’s how to make music using your iOS devices such as iPad & iPhone. Here are reviews of some of the best iPad/iPhone MIDI Interfaces.

iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc, originally developed for the iPhone, but now supports several other Apple devices. If you want to use your iPad or iPhone to make music, you need a MIDI interface that will help you connect your keyboard (and other equipment) to the iOS device.

iOS Gear for MIDI Instruments

IK Multimedia iRig Midi for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

IK Multimedia iRig Midi for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

The IK Multimedia iRig is an inexpensive device that helps you create music your iPad/iPhone. Its ligthweight and comes with 3 MIDI ports: IN/OUT/THRU, read more…

iOS MIDI interfaces can convert your iPhone/iPad into a a mini production studio (provided you have the right gear) that will allow you to record, playback, and edit music from anywhere.

These Midi interfaces allows you to connect your keyboard, electronic drum kit, or any other MIDI instrument to your iDevice. Combined with apps like GarageBand, these interfaces are a songwriter’s dream as you just have to hook it to your iDevice or computer and start playing on the keyboard to create music.

Practical & Does the Job Well

Musicians like these devices because they’re practical, sound well and also work very well. These work both with audio and MIDI at the same time on your iOS device. Its also a quick way to record all your demos on your iPad / iPhone.

Many have a high-end audio interface for their studio, and use these iOS midi interfaces for creating/recording music on the go!

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