iOS (iPad, iPhone) Interfaces

ios ipad iphone interfaces

Review of Various Interfaces Made for iOS Gadgets such as iPad & iPhone

iOS (iPad, iPhone) Interfaces
There are many musicians who swear by Apple products when it comes to creating music. When it comes to making music, Apple’s iOS devices are natural performers.

Now its easy to turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod into a mini-studio that you can use for writing, recording, and performing music, on the go.

You just need an interface/dock to connect your music instruments and microphone to your Apple device (you’ll also need a recording software).

Here are some easy-to-use guitar interfaces, portable PA systems, and a variety of iOS-compatible gear that will help you get the most out of your iDevice.

iOS Gear for Recording

With the Rode iXY stereo microphone, you can turn your iDevice into a miniature audio recorder, just by plugging the mic into the dock connector. The Tascam iM2 and Tascam iM2X can capture your ideas with brilliant sound quality thanks to their own built-in condenser mics and preamps.

The iRig PRE allows you to connect any microphone to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The interface comes with two free apps: iRig Recorder and VocalLive. With these apps, you can easily record, edit, and add effects to your vocals.

iOS Gear for DJs / Live Sound

Hate the little speaker docks that you use to play music?

Check out Samson’s portable PA systems that have iPod docks and plenty of power. To really get the party going, try out the Numark iDJ Pro, a DJ controller that lets you mix and scratch tunes from your iPad’s music library.

iPads are even showing up in professional sound reinforcement applications.

Pop your iPad into the Mackie DL1608 Digital Mixer and use Mackie’s Master Fader app to create mix snapsnots, channel presets, and even record mixes to your iPad.

Want more flexibility? Connect a Wi-Fi router to the DL1608, and you can use your iPad to control your mix from anywhere in the venue. It allows multiple iPad support, which means your bandmates can adjust their own monitor mixes directly from the stage.

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