Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

Here’s a complete review of the Ingles adjustable cello and bass stand. Its adjustable, comes with a locking stand with a bow holder. Box stands are turn-offs (hide the cellos body); guitar stands are usually unstable and unsuited for something as large and as delicate as a cello or bass. This stand however makes perfect sense. It looks great, it’s designed with the cello/bass in mind, its inexpensive, and it’s sturdy. If you’re looking for a cello stand, this is the one you want. Buy Ingles adjustable cello and bass stand on Amazon.

Pros & Cons

  • PROS: Sturdy, Stable, Aesthetic. You can put the cello away with the end peg fully extended. Folds up small to fit in a back seat or trunk.
  • CONS: Little bulkier (for travel)
  • Uses: Studio, Stage

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand: Review

Not all the music stands are made to be used for holding sheet music, there are stands that are available so that you can comfortably rest the musical instrument when not in use.

You can always keep your music instrument in a bag or case but it is very inconvenient considering that you have to practice almost daily. It will be a pain to remove it and keep it back in the bag all the time.

And when you have bigger sized music instruments such as the Cello or Bass, you would be better-off keeping it outside. Just imagine having to remove your instrument every day from the case and take it to your room for practicing.

This is where the Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand can be really handy.

Looks Good
When it comes to music instrument holder, you want the stand to be not just sturdily built, but also look aesthetic.

This one score on both the fronts.

Besides, it also showcases your musical instrument. when not in use the cello/bass can become a piece of decor which adds to the warmth of the room.

Cello and Bass StandsSturdily Built
You can be rest assured that neither the stand nor the cello’s position in the stand would wobble, or topple with an accidental jostle. That is the most important part and it does that job well because of its sturdiness.

It keeps your cello safe, you don’t have to put it on the ground, and you can easily pick it up to play whenever you wish.

Spend more time practicing
Its sturdy, you don’t have to worry about anyone knocking your cello over, once its set on the stand. It’s also reasonably priced. You don’t have to waste valuable time getting your instrument setup, and then waste more time afterwards putting it away? Instead, spend that time playing or practicing; with Ingles’ String Instrument Stands, you’re always good to go!

Bow Holder
Another bonus is that it comes with a nice retractable bow holder (rubber-padded hook) so that you can keep all your required things together at one place. This is usually a problem with other makes as there is no bow storage, but this one scores in that area as well.

Features / Specs

Here are the main features of the Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand, as far as convenience goes:

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

  • Sturdy construction
  • It is Height Adjustable which means it can fit most cellos and basses
  • Folds up for easy storage and/or transport
  • Can leave your end pin extended
  • Comes with a built in bow holder
  • Item model number: SA-22
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds, Dimensions: 18.9 x 6.2 x 31.7 inches

Final Thoughts

Compared to most other musical instruments, the cello needs more space to set up and to play, and most houses may not be able to offer that. Almost every cello player, who puts the cello on the floor, wants to organize his/her rehearsal space and not trip over the instrument. This is where this stand really helps. Overall, its a great product for all cello and bass players. Now you can save some time to set up your cello before practicing, and also your room will look much more clean, all thanks to the Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand. The hook in the back for the bow is a great bonus.

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  1. This one works well with any full sized cello, and has a handy little hook on the back for the bow. Price is reasonable, it does the job well.

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