Ibanez Guitars: Guide & Reviews

Ibanez guitar guide and reviews of its bestselling models. This is another big name that makes a range of guitars. Check out reviews of the top selling Ibanez acoustic and electric guitars.

Ibanez is basically a Japanese guitar brand but is quite popular in the United States and European market. It was also among the first brand that mass produced the seven-string guitar.

About the Brand

Ibanez GuitarsIts definitely among the top brands in the guitar world and is played by some of the best artists and guitarists all over the world. Many Jazz players prefer Ibanez’s high-end hollowbody electro-acoustics. The company has good relationship with several popular guitarist such as Steve Vai, which resulted in their Ibanez JEM and Universe models. Both Vai and Joe Satriani have had signature models made for them.

Ibanez Product range include: Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Amps, Guitar Pedals & Effects, Guitar Accessories, Ukuleles.

Ibanez Guitar Reviews

Plenty of Options for Beginners & Intermediate Players

If you’re a beginner or an advanced player looking for a good ‘value’ product, you’ll find it from this brand. Ibanez is a popular guitar brand, preferred by several intermediate players (and beginners) because of a its affordable price range. Though its popular more for its electric guitars, it also has some great acoustic guitars.

Most Ibanez guitars are available at a price point that intermediate level guitar players will really appreciate. Ibanez are quite experienced at creating inexpensive guitars and some of their budget bass models are also quite good.

Whichever guitar you buy, make sure you protect it well. Ibanez also makes some good guitar cases for the various types of guitars. They also have a wide range of guitar amplifiers, such as guitar combos, guitar heads, guitar cabinets, bass combo amps, bass cabinets, and acoustic amps.

Ibanez Acoustic Guitars

When it comes to guitars, Ibanez is best known for their range of bass guitars, but then there are scores of guitar players who have learnt using an Ibanez acoustic guitar.

There is no doubt this is a popular brand, and because it has got a wide selection of inexpensive guitars, most beginning guitar student seem to favor this brand.

Here are reviews of some popular Ibanez Acoustic Guitars:

Ibanez IJV50 JamPack Quickstart Dreadnought Guitar
A great beginner package, with a pretty big guitar sound for the price. It comes with everything you need to get started — acoustic guitar, gig bag, electronic tuner, strap, and accessory pouch. If you have played guitar before, you’ll be really surprised looking at the price.

Ibanez IJAE5 JamPack Jolt/SE Acoustic-Electric Guitar
If you’re a serious beginner or an intermediate level player looking for an excellent acoustic-electric, checkout the Ibanez JamPack Jolt. The sound of this guitar is awesome and when played through a good amp it sounds even better. This cutaway guitar comes with on-board preamp and tuner, and gives you all the guitar accessories that you need. The built-in AEQ200T 2-band EQ is optimized for use with Ibanez under-saddle pickups. The package also includes a padded gig bag, guitar cable, strap, instructional DVD, extra strings and picks.

Ibanez Electric Guitars

When it comes to electric guitars, the instrument not only has to produce great sounds, it also need to have the looks, as most guitarist use it on stage. If you’re hard rock or metal guitarist, you definitely want your guitar to look the part as well. Don’t you?

Recommended Ibanez Electric Guitars

  • Ibanez GRX20ZBKN Electric Guitar
  • Ibanez GRGM21BKN MIKRO Electric Guitar

For several years now, Ibanez Electric Guitars have been favored by several pro players for their quick playability, flat fretboards, modernized tremolos, and a wide selection of aggressive looking guitars built specially for hardcore and metal players. But then, they also have a wide range of budget electric guitars meant for beginners and intermediate guitar players. So no matter what your requirements are, there is an Ibanez guitar for you.

Ibanez Guitar Reviews

Here’s a video showing the Design & building of the Ibanez E-Gen

Another Ibanez at work…

Ibanez has a wide range of guitars, which means you can choose between various cheap and higher priced models, and find something that suits your budget. So go ahead and order your Ibanez guitar today!

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