How to Write a Pop Song

How to Write a Pop SongHow to Write a Pop Song: Here are useful tips, techniques and strategies to use to come up with great songs when writing for this style of music.

Have you ever tried to answer these questions?

  • What makes a hit song?
  • What makes a song stick in the minds of a listener?
  • What makes people call their local DJ’s begging them to play the same song time and time again?
  • Have you ever tried to write a pop hit?
  • Obviously it’s not easy to write a pop song that becomes popular, but then are certain things that seems to make them click.

    Strong Melody

    Now there are some who might argue that a catchy rhythmic line or groove can do the trick all by itself. Even though that’s true, it applies more to other genres such as Rap, Dance, Electronica, etc.

    There are several songs in this style which have become immensely popular just because of a catchy musical rhythm, lyric, sound effect or some sort of effect or production technique.

    But when it comes to pop, it has always been a strong melody which seems to make it click.

    And it applies to most popular forms of music such as Pop, Ballads, Country, Rock, Funk, and others.

    Other Reasons

    Here are some other reasons that will help you come up with a better final product.

  • Always keep it simple
  • You can use three chords, as opposed to using say eight or ten
  • Most pop songs just use a I-IV-V progression
  • Adequate hooks (including an instrumental hook)
  • Chorus has to be addictive
  • Some spoken words
  • To Conclude

    As you can see, the melody is the important part, but then there are other bits and pieces that you need to keep in mind. This is how to write a pop song that has a good chance of becoming successful.

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