How to Write a Blues Song

How to Write a Blues SongHow to Write a Blues Song: Here are useful tips, techniques and strategies to write great songs in this genre of music.

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About the Music

Blues songs were originally written by African slaves to depict their feelings, which obviously had a sad tinge to it. The main musical instrument used at that time was the harmonica.

Over a period of time, the Blues was developed into Rhythm and Blues (R&B), and then formed the basis of other forms of music.

Here are some more characteristics of this genre of music.

Musical Characteristics

A blues song can be defined in terms of the number of bars or measures used, more common ones being:

  • The 12-bar blues
  • 8-bar and 16-bar schemes
  • In terms of what chord progressions to use, there are a couple of ways to proceed:

  • Standard I-IV-V chord progression
  • Use of flatted thirds, fifths and sevenths (known as the blue notes)
  • As you can see, blues is heavily dependent on the pentatonic scale, and can be written in either a major or minor key.

    Lyrical Characteristics

    In terms of lyrical, the songs can take a wide range of forms.

  • It tells a story
  • Based on a narrative call-and-response structure, where each stanza repeats the first two lines to form the call and concludes with a reply that forms the response.
  • There can be any number of stanzas, although three and five are common
  • Here’s a video that shows How to Write a Blues Song.

    To Conclude

    These are useful tips and techniques that you need to keep in mind, to come up with songs in this genre. This is how to write a Blues Song.

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