How to Teach Yourself To Play Guitar

How to Teach Yourself To Play Guitar Teaching yourself to play the Guitar is not that difficult now, with tons of resources available at your disposal.

Even with a small amount of discipline and dedication, its possible to go a long way on your own, when it comes to learning to play a musical instrument.

Here are some of the resources that you can use, right at home:

  • YouTube video Lessons
  • Buy some beginner method books
  • Use guitar learning software
  • In case you’re really short on budget, you can only rely on the first two. You would still need to buy a guitar though.

    Your First Guitar

    When buying your first guitar, don’t go for the cheapest as its likely to have a higher action (distance between strings and fretboard), which means you’ll need to press down harder on the strings to hear the sound.

    For experienced players with stronger hands, this is fine, but most beginners will find it difficult and it can cause excess pain in your fingertips. So its usually better to pickup the cheapest (unless it has got an okay guitar action).

    Know the Construction of the Guitar

    With most guitars, you need to do some maintenance activities such as changing the strings. Besides, it always help to know of the various guitar parts and how it impacts the overall sound coming out from the guitar.

    This will help you to select a better guitar (new or used) whenever you upgrade to an expensive instrument.

    Practice is the Key

    You wouldn’t know whether you’re good at the guitar, or how you/re progressing unless you practice regularly. Only then, you’ll be in a position to better evaluate yourself.

    A good practice is to sing along when playing. This is a good habit to inculcate right from the beginning. It might come across a bit difficult initially but it’s worth following. After all, most guitarists do accompany singers.

    Also, its advisable to change your strings regularly so that it continues to produce a good sound, and encourages you to play more.

    Get Expert Advice

  • If you can go to a personal teacher, that’s great as you get first hand feedback from an accomplished player.
  • You could even visit one of your friends (who plays the guitar) once in a week.
  • Try listening to good guitar players as much as possible.
  • Record your practice sessions once in a while.

    While you may not notice an immediate difference (with musical instruments usually you don’t), you’ll be surprised with the progress that you’ve made in a fairly short period of time.

    Always Strive to Improve

    Well, this also depends on what you’re trying to aim for.

    However, always try to have fun while learning how to play guitar, try to learn different things such as chords, scales, riffs, solos.

    Above all, always strive to become a better guitarist than you were yesterday!

    To Conclude

    That’s all you need to do to be able to teach yourself to play the guitar.

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