How to String a Guitar

How to String a Guitar Stringing a Guitar is one activity you need to know, if you own a guitar. Read here to learn how to correctly string an acoustic or electric guitar.

There are times when you may have to change the strings of your guitar, especially if you have had the guitar for some time.

Changing the strings of a guitar once a while is a must, else it may start sounding bad when you play or the strings could even break. Some guitar players restring their guitars once in 2 weeks or so, just to ensure that the guitar is in tune.

Why the Need to Change Guitar Strings

You may wonder why so much emphasis is laid on changing the guitar strings and maintaining it. What most guitar enthusiasts don’t know is that while playing the guitar, the oil and dirt from your hands accumulates on the strings which eventually make your guitar sound dull.

Not only that, the way you play the guitar, how often you play, the care and maintenance for the strings also determines how often you will need to change the strings of the guitar.

Time to Change Guitar Strings?

So how would you know when is the time to change Guitar Strings?

Ideally you should change your guitar strings at least once every 2 weeks. If you don’t there are chances that your guitar will sound dull, so look out for signs like:

  • If your guitar starts to sound flat, it’s a sign that you need to change the strings
  • If your strings are rusty and look discolored
  • If you are finding it hard to tune your guitar
  • Lastly, if you have not tuned your guitar for a very long time, for many months together, then you most definitely need to change the strings of your guitar
  • Materials Required for Changing Guitar Strings

    Before you start off with removing the strings, make sure you have the following items besides you, which you may need:

  • Clean piece of cloth
  • Pliers
  • String winder
  • Extra pair of strings
  • Electric tuner

  • WATCH: How to string an acoustic guitar

    WATCH: How to string an electric guitar

    How to Change the Guitar Strings

    Some people break into a sweat at the thought of changing guitar strings but there is nothing to really worry about. Changing strings are not very difficult and you can easily learn to do it by following a step by step process:

  • First and foremost, place a dry cloth near the bridge of the guitar, just so as to protect it from any damage if any, while changing the strings.
  • Once that is done, you can start by using the string winder on the tune key and loosen the strings until there is no tension and use the clippers and clip them off. You can also loosen the bridge pin with the string winder / peg winder and loosen the strings. Be careful and do not use excessive force on the pegs else it may break.

  • Stringing Guitar on acoustic & electric guitars

  • Remove the strings from the headstock and from the peg holes. Some experts advice that you should remove the strings one at a time rather than all at once as it helps maintain the string tension. On the other hand, when you remove all the strings at once, it becomes easier to wipe off the dirt from the fret board much easily. Hence it is your choice how you would like to do it.

  • how to change strings on acoustic & electric guitar

  • Now insert the ball end of the string into the bridge hole and secure it with the bridge pin. Be sure not to use excessive force on the bridge pin. Pull the string to make sure that the bridge pin is securely holding the string. Pull the other end of the string towards the neck and make a right angle bend at the end of the string and insert it into the peg hole, wind it around the key hole and turn the tuning key anti clockwise. If there is excess string left, just clip it off with the clippers.
  • Tighten the string with the tuning key and tune it to the right pitch. Repeat this procedure for all the other strings.
  • Summary

    It is very important to restring your guitar at least once in two weeks for it to sound in tune. Many a times, the dirt and oil from our hands accumulate on the strings and they eventually start to sound dull. Hence, you have to change the strings often. Changing the strings of a guitar is not that difficult if you follow it correctly and with care. Just be patient and be careful about using too much force while stringing. With practice you will surely learn how to string the guitar correctly.

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