How to Sell Your Music Songs Online

How to Sell Your Music, Songs Online

How to Sell Your Music / Songs Online: Learn about the advantages of going online and the infrastructure required to sell digital downloads of your music.

Social media marketing has given hope to many songwriters composers who can now take advantage of the medium to sell their music / songs online.

If you compare the situation to what it was several years back, you should consider yourself lucky. At least you can hope to have a decent fan-following with minimum investment and piggy-backing on the internet wave.

However, it is still not an easy task. Setting up a studio and then song writing / composing is easier. But to actually distribute the song on your own can be a challenge that requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Advantages of Going Online

Here are some advantages, besides the fact that its cost-effective.

  • You can have access to limitless audience if your music clicks.
  • Easy to provide downloads to your fans, be it free or paid.
  • Your audience can hear your music instantly, once the payment is done
  • Last but not the least, you get to keep the writer’s share as well as the publisher’s share of the royalties, in case your song really take off.
  • Setting up a Digital e-Store

    As you can see, your main focus should be to provide digital downloads of your work, and take advantage of online marketing.

    Why digital downloads? Because that’s how most of the music consumption is going to be in the future.
    Producing CDs is expensive, you need to go and buy it or wait for the CDs to arrive, and they can malfunction. With digital downloads you just need a website where you can host your work.
    You will need to upload your music either through a 3rd party e-store or through your own e-store, both of which are cheap, one-time cost affairs.

    With physical sales, you have to keep scaling up your production and logistics to keep up with increasing demand. With a digital store, you pay the same amount, regardless of whether you sell one copy or a million copies of your songs.

    Take Advantage of iTunes

    So what is iTunes?

    It’s Apple’s e-store for music and registers the most number of sales of digital singles and albums.

    Getting your songs on iTunes outs your music in front of a lot of music-loving people. So it’s the first thing you need to check out.

    And how do you put your music on iTunes?

    The easiest way is to sign up with a digital distributor such as Songcast (FREE to create an account).

    The advantage of doing so is that your material is less likely to be rejected, and it will let you sell your music not just trough iTunes, but also through Amazon, Napster and other such big music stores.

    Here’s a nice video that explains in detail How To Sell Your Music on iTunes:

    Selling Music on Your Own Website

    And how to sell your music through your own website, and not through these e-stores?

    You can, provided you are able to get sufficient traffic to your website!

    And how do you integrate the shopping cart on your website?

    If you are using WordPress, then there are several Plugins that will let you do that.

    Here’s how it works:

  • You need to upload your songs to your website in MP3 format
  • The digital downloads will be sold through the shopping cart created by the WordPress plugin (customers can pay by card or through Paypal).
  • When the money is paid, the user gets a download link for downloading the music. The link expires after a fixed amount of time or number of downloads, to prevent the link from being circulated around.
  • The money gets credited to your bank account or Paypal account.
  • What if you don’t want to use WordPress?

    You can use other options for setting up the e-store on your site. E-Junkie is another popular option and the good thing is that it stores your music on their servers, which saves your server space.

    You may choose any reputed e-store service as most of these anyways offer similar set of features and payment options.

    Drawbacks of Going Online?

    The only disadvantage of going online is that there’s a risk that your music could get pirated, your music could be shared across networks.

    You can incorporate additional checks such as encrypting or password protecting the music, but it could annoy your potential customers.

    So as such, there’s not much you can do about it really.

    Creating the Demo

    Here’s what you need to do before you can embark on selling your music online.

    Make the Song Better
    Don’t be in a hurry to distribute it! Make the title catchy as it can help to get your song noticed. Make sure what you have is the best, in terms of the lyrics, the recording, and the overall song.

    Make the Demo Recording
    Once you are happy with the songs, create a demonstration recording which can then be distributed to the various studios and agents so that your music can be heard.

    Create a Copyright
    You definitely don’t want anybody to plagiarize your music! So get your music registered with the local Copyright office. Even if you just fill the form and submit your music to them, you can start distributing your music.

    To Conclude

    Creating music is only half the job done, you need to go out and distribute the song to various studios, publish it on sites such as YouTube, promote it on social sites, if you want the songs to get noticed. Don’t let the fear that you song could get stolen stop you from promoting your music.

    It would be foolish not to take advantage of the online medium, considering its popularity, as it can help to get your music noticed in a short time. Selling digital downloads of your music is easy and the infrastructure to do that is available. Using social media marketing and online promotion, you can learn how to sell your music / songs online.

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