How to Remove or Disassemble Keys / Keybed from the Piano?


Hi, does someone know how to disassemble single keys on Yamaha Clavinova PF P-100? Thanks – Domenico (Italy)

How to Remove or Disassemble Keys / Keybed from the Piano?


Keybed, Key Repair Cost for Digital Piano Keyboard
by: Stuart (UK)

You can replace only the affected keys on Music keyboards or digital pianos, or if you want you can replace the entire set of keys, in case there are a lot of affected keys.

I had a Yamaha portable piano keyboard, which I got repaired. Initially there was just one key that was sticking, but after some time a couple more got affected.

Yamaha had a recall on my model, so they did replace all the 88 keys on my digital piano. But even if you had to pay, it would cost around $5 per key (that’s what I paid if I remember clearly). This is in addition to the cost to disassemble and reassemble (which was another $80-$100).

If you own an expensive digital piano keyboard model, then the repair cost seems reasonable. I am not sure if it makes sense to spend so much to repair an entry level keyboard.

If you own a Casio or a Yamaha keyboard, and if your warranty has expired, you will need to contact them and find out an authorized repairman in your area. You can even get this information from their sites.

Remember to get a quote for the repair cost, as I said for cheaper keyboard models the repair cost could be more in comparison to the cost of the piano keyboard itself. But then you never know, things may have changed now.
Piano Needs New Keyboard Keybed
by: Edgar Nunez (Panama City, Panama)

Got my Welmar baby grand piano from my dad 11 years ago when he passed away. Have been taking care of it for all this time. Had to move the piano to Panama City, a much more humid and hot city than Caracas, and since it got here, groups of keys have almost melt together, breaking the wood parts of many keys in the process.

My local tuner and craftsman asked me to find a new keyboard, which I would love to be able to find. I am not sure there is such replacement with brand new keyboards. Seems Welmar went out of business in 2004.

Anyone knows a year / maker combination that would still fit my Welmar baby grand piano without major issues?

Much appreciated!
Edgar Núñez
Roland JD-800 Synth Repair – Deals with many repair issues and how to fix those
by: Eric (Philippines)

One of the most helpful videos you would come across, and a rare one too coz you really don’t find people who take so much effort to explain stuff on keyboard / synth repair.

The issues that are shown and diagnosed include:

Dead keys
Clanking keys
Missing weights
Bad buttons
Jumpy sliders
Battery replacement
Velocity stuck at max value

He has even mentioned the spare part numbers, which he ordered from Roland to fix the issues.

My Yamaha Clavinova Piano
by: Bob

I need to replace a broken key. Where could I get parts? Is there any repair shop on long island?
Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano – How to replace the keys
by: Domenico

Hi, I’ve just posted a question on the site (“YAMAHA CLAVINOVA PF P-100: HOW CAN I DISASSEMBLE SINGLE KEYS?”)…since a picture of a partially disassembled P-100’s keyboard appears in some sections of the site, I suppose that someone has answered a similar question, but I can’t find nothing but the picture…can you help me to find the answer (if it is somewhere)?
Thank you very much.
Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano – How to replace the keys Video
by: Suresh

The video is good but anybody owning a Yamaha Clavinova – CLP or CVP Digital piano should still own a Service Manual.

You can order it from Yamaha’s Customer support and it costs around $40 USD. It is very useful if you intend to fix things on your own. You get to read clear instructions and see pictures that will help you to go to the internals of every part of the digital piano.
Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano – How to replace the keys
by: Paula (Eberdeen, UK)

Here is an interesting video on Yamaha Clavinova Digital piano.

It shows how to replace individual keys, the entire keyboard assembly, and the circuit board for a 10 year old Yamaha Clavinova.

I am not sure if I can attempt this one on my own, but may be useful to other boarders here who own a Yamaha Clavinova Digital piano.
Parts for Roland Digital Piano
by: Mike

Can you give me a web-link for Roland Digital Piano replacement parts?
My email is: mike @

Thank you!
Roland FP-1 Digital Piano – Broken Key Repair and Hammer Replacement
by: Tarcisio

Hi, I am writing you from Italy.

Your video was great help. It took me just 15 minutes to be able to dismount the broken hammers.

Now I will have to order the spare parts. I will start my research for the parts tomorrow; maybe you can give me the link to where you got them from.

Did you have to buy just the hammers or both key + hammer? How much did Roland charge you for the parts?

Thank you for your feedback.

by: Anonymous

Roland FP-1 Digital Piano – Video that shows Broken Key Repair and Hammer Replacement
by: Rohan (Bangalore)

Here is a video that clearly demonstrates how to disassemble a Roland FP-1 Digital Piano and fix a broken key. The keys around the affected area are removed to locate the faulty hammer, which is then replaced with a new one.

Very nicely shot video and extremely helpful!

where can i purchase replacement hammers for my roland rd-150
by: Joe Szwed (Cincinnati, Ohio)

i need to replace the hammers on a couple of my keys on a roland rd-150, and was wondering if anyone knew where to purchase the replacement hammers?
not a rd 700sx
by: Ron

the roland that he is working on is not A ROLAND 700SX, is the keyboard he is working the same inside as a rd 700sx ????
Here’s How to REPLACE Hammers and Keys on Roland RD 700 SX keyboard
by: Andy (Chicago, US)

Here is an interesting video on how to fix the keys on a Roland RD 700 SX keyboard. I do not own one but assuming had I owned one, this video would have given me the confidence to go ahead and give it a try.

I think it is very useful for Roland keyboard owners.

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  1. Hi I have a Yamaha Clavinova PF P100, my problem is that all the memory are gone/erase because the battery is dead and i change it now when i open the power no more sound now what i need is the system exclusive of my clavinova, is there anyone who have a good soul to give or share the system exclusive of my piano? please i need your help
    Thank you and may God Bless you..

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