How to Play Piano for Beginners: Learn Fast With The Correct Approach

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How To Play Piano
How To Play Piano the right way: You can definitely learn fast only if you follow the proven approach. Here are practical and extremely useful tips.

Anybody who wishes to take up piano lessons will normally have several queries going on in their mind; they will have many concerns apprehensions and misconceptions regarding the lessons.

Since learning to play the piano is a commitment, which needs your time and money, it is important that you clear all your queries before you proceed ahead.

Learning to Play Piano Needs Commitment

Adults, in general, start getting wary of learning new things as they grow older so their apprehensions are totally different from what the parent of a child would have.

Parents, who want their kids to take up piano lessons, would normally want to know what age would be a right age to start taking lessons and how to ensure that their kids do not give up on the piano later.

Most of the time the reason for these concerns and apprehensions is because most of the families do not have any musicians in their house. They do not have anybody to guide them through the learning process.

But at the same time, learning the piano is similar to learning any other art, and with dedication and hard work it can be learnt!

In case you have been hearing something different from what I have said, I would like to reiterate that you can learn the Piano!

Having said that, it is also important to realize that there is no end to learning anything and you can continue learning something for years.

What we will discuss here is how to play the piano (for beginners), assuming you are willing to practice half an hour daily for around 8-12 months. In fact if you practice regularly, you should be able to play simple songs much before that.

Many students ask me ‘how to learn piano in a day?’. Is it really possible?

Well, the only thing that I tell them is that its a myth. Even if you’re able to learn to play a nursery rhyme, you can’t say that you know to play the piano. Can you?

How to Play Piano: Fast & Effective Methods

So let us go through these proven steps that really helps you to learn to play the piano faster.

  • Practice daily
  • – Very important as you begin your quest on how to play the piano as a beginner! Make sure you stick to some fixed time of the day, even if it is for half an hour. That way it becomes a habit (Oh…and do it for at least 21 days if you want to make it a habit). And do not rush to play songs; do finger exercises as well!

  • Practice More Frequently
  • – This works quite well in the initial stages. Rather than sitting at the piano for a couple of hours (most do it when they have a new piano at home), try to break it into shorter sessions and play more frequently.

  • Move Up Gradually
  • – From time to time you will be tempted to play your favorite songs. Don’t try too hard if you are not able to play those songs since you may not be ready for those yet. Stick to the easier songs, practice regularly and then try it again in a couple of month’s time.

  • Break It Down
  • – Everything seems a bit difficult initially. So if you find a piece of music daunting, break it down. Learn those smaller parts and finally play them all together.

  • Videos
  • – Go to your local library and hire instructional videos. If not the Piano, at least you should get hold of an instructional video for the electronic keyboard. Grab it! The basics of both the instruments are the same and will help you a lot initially. You’ll make good progress in very little time. You can follow it up by going through Youtube videos as well (its a bit challenging to find the good ones though).

  • Piano Courses / Method Books
  • – In case you want to try learning on your own, without the help of a teacher, get a piano course (more effective) or a method book (cheaper). If you get a method book, make sure it comes with a CD, containing the exercises and lessons. Most of the method books have a selection of books ranging from the primer to the advanced levels.

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  • Teacher
  • – Get yourself a personal teacher! Though you may not learn faster, your progress will be monitored and there will be someone pushing you to do well all the time. Besides, you can gain a lot from the personal experiences of your teacher.

    How to Play Piano the Right Way with this Piano Software

    How To Play Piano

    How to Play Piano for Beginners

    Here is another trick on how to play piano for beginners. It is important to break a song into multiple sections before you attempt to learn a new song. Read more…

    Carrying on further our discussion of how to make the best out of your practice session and how to learn a seemingly tough piano song, here is our next trick.

    Break it into Smaller Section

    Does it sound simple?

    It is but the fact is that most beginners who are learning to play the piano don’t get this one. They usually start on a new song and try to play the song right from the first bar to the last bar, all at one stretch.

    And what’s the result. The result is you don’t go anywhere; you get frustrated and give up on the song thinking that it is a difficult one to learn.

    So it is important to practice in small steps, or sections, a few bars at a time!

    A “practice section” is simply a finite series of motions. It can correspond to anything from a few notes, to a few bars to an entire work.

    When practicing a new song, it is important to practice small sections of just a few notes / bars. Practicing few bars of notes limits the amount of information the muscles have to learn at one time.

    Another advantage is that it makes the mind focus and concentrate better, as it feels it can take up this challenge.

    How To Play Piano for Beginners

    Link Them All Up

    This is the next logical step once you are comfortable with the individual sections. It is time to link and play multiple sections.

    So you would go from the first section to the next section and so on, till you can play the entire song together on the piano.

    Summing Up

    So here we go! You have another trick in your bag if you are attempting to learn to play a seemingly difficult song. You can definitely learn one for the next important occasion or to impress someone special. This is an important tip on how to play piano for beginners!

    You will find several video lessons here if you who want to learn how to play piano. And yes, it’s free! We feel that people across the globe deserve a chance to learn this international language and music is anyways such a wonderful skill to have.

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