How to Play Hotel California on Guitar

How to play Hotel California by Eagles on guitarOne of the most popular songs played on the guitar is Hotel California by the Eagles. Anybody who’s learning to play the guitar wants to be able to play this song at the earliest.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to play the entire song and also provides all the guitar chords that you need for this sing.

Please note that is not exactly a song for the absolute beginner. If you have recently started playing the guitar, you are going to struggle to play this song. This is not very simple to play as there are many chords and you have to change between them pretty fast.

However, if you have been playing for a few months now, you can attempt this song.

“Hotel California” (by The Eagles) on guitar:

Hotel California by Eagles Guitar Tab
Guitar Tab for Hotel California by Eagles

Sheet Music for Hotel California by Eagles
Sheet Music of Hotel California by Eagles

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