How to Determine the Model in Gibson & Epiphone Guitars

How to determine the model in case of Gibson & Epiphone Guitars.

Epiphone & Gibson can have identical looking guitars, with the a Custom & Standard models only having some minor differences such as having a small tag near the strings, and so on.

So assuming you have a guitar, is there any easier way to determine what model it is?

  • Typically all Epiphones (and Gibsons as well) only have the name on the top of the headstock.
  • Epiphones and Gibsons have slightly different headstock shapes
  • In the case of Epiphones, barring the brand new ones, the truss rod cover on the guitar will say ‘gibson’. The newer ones say if its a Custom, Standard, or Studio.
  • If it says Epiphone on the top than that’s what it is.

And how about the difference between Standard, Studio & Custom Guitars? The best way to determine the model is to look at the appointments on the guitar.

  • In case of Studios, usually you will see no binding on the neck or body.
  • Standards have trapazoid inlays and binding on the neck and body.
  • Customs have a ‘Diamond’ shape on the headstock in some sort of pearl inlay, block inlays including one on the first fret, and multi-ply binding on the body on the front and back of it.

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