How to Connect Digital Piano to Recording Software Using Midi to USB Cable

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How to connect a Digital Piano to recording software such as Cubase, Reason, FL Studio using a Midi to USB cable.

Most users also buy a Midi to USB cable when they buy a new digital piano or keyboard, so that they can work with their laptop / computer.

But most first-timers face this problem where the software doesn’t recognize the digital keyboard and whatever they play on the piano is not heard / recorded in the recording software.

How to Connect Digital Piano to Recording Software using Midi to USB Cable

Here are some videos to help you out.

Do you need an amplifier to hear the sound? It depends on what sort of setup you are looking at.

Once the digital piano keyboard is connected to the computer properly, and the DAW software recognizes it, ideally you should be able to hear the sound from the computer. If you are doing just to see how the connection works, you could use the computer speakers or even use some good headphones. But if you want to do some serious music work, you need to get good pair of speakers (monitors).

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My Casio CTK 3000 music keyboard won’t work with PC
by: Fabio (Alassio / Italy)

Hi to everyone, My Casio CTK 3000 music keyboard won’t work with PC! I’ve just bought a new Casio CTK 3000 Keyboard, the Keyboard. is smooth enough for me and sounds fine but…there is NO WAY to make this Keyboard working with my 3 PC’s (two with WinXP and one with Win 7); I followed step-by-step the user’s manual but even if the Keyboard is “recognized” by Win there is NO software that let me see arriving notes from my Keyboard. : What is wrong? I’ve checked almost any free/trial software in the web and also tried with Cubase 5.1 but with no-success at all. Is my Casio CTK 3000 Keyboard broken or else? Let me know…thank you! Fabio

MIDI Connection by: Ian
I don’t think the Casio would be broken, it is probably the drivers that may not be up-to date. You can check on the Casio site if they have any updates regarding the drivers for Cubase.

Connect Technics KN6000 to REASON 5
Hi i have a technics kn6000 and have a midi in/out cable. i am trying to connect up to my reason 5 software however it will not recognize the instrument. it keeps coming up as failed to add control surface and going round in circles. by: wes (midlands)
can you help

Connect Digital Piano to Cubase
by: Suresh
I know that Cubase may not recognize the midi device in case you power them up after you have started Cubase. I have experienced this, and need to restart Cubase to make it working. So basically, if you forget to switch-on the digital piano before launching Cubase, and then decide mid-way that you need to use the digital piano, then Cubase is not going to recognize the new device. You need to exit Cubase and restart it so that the digital piano can be found.

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