How to Become a DJ

A career in music production and DJ can definitely go hand in hand. So, in case if you intend to take up serious DJing, here’s how to become a successful DJ.

How to Become a DJ

DJ Training

This is the obvious part. You need to learn, practice, get trained if you want to improve. No second thoughts about that!

Doesn’t matter is you are going to perform at your friend’s party, or at the local radio station, you’ll need good training, and lots of practice to become better.

The next time you’re at a club or some event, look for opportunities to talk to the DJ. Request them to show what DJ equipment they have, ask them how they became DJ, what are the challenges, and so on.

You’ll get some valuable tips and suggestions from their years of experience.

Speech Training

Though for most DJ sessions, you can get away with minimum of speaking, your ability to speak well can give you more opportunities, including radio broadcasting jobs.

These jobs require you to speak confidently while on air. So knowing how to speak fluently, and with articulation, and on topics that you’re not familiar with, is also very important. You must also be able to read commercials, give news reports, and conduct interviews.

You may consider taking classes at your local community college or a good broadcasting school in your area. Check with your college if you can sign up for some sort of internship, which will help you learn how to become a DJ. Even if its unpaid you should consider doing it, as the radio internship on your resume will definitely add value.

Attend Workshops / Trade Fairs

Trade fairs are events where audio/visual companies come together to showcase their products.

Usually, you’ll find workshops on several topics being conducted at such events. “Digital DJing” and understanding “how DJ technology works” is one such popular topic.

So checkout if any such workshop is being conducted in your city, it’s an opportunity to grasp useful knowledge. Starting with vinyl & CD players (where DJs were mixing two or more complete tracks) to digital platforms like Traktor (where multiple songs and samples are performed and remixed live), such workshops help you understand a lot about DJing, along with its technology. Also, all the MIDI controllers and mixers are usually on showcase, demonstrating how simple it is for anyone to get into DJing today.


Perform at as many venues as possible, pick up all the opportunities that comes your way. Don’t just stick to the radio broadcast booth, go in front of real people. You will need some solid experience, to get more work and also for your own confidence.

It’s quite possible that you may not get that internship so you’ll have to fetch for yourself. Always keep an open mind, and you’ll get several opportunities to perform & learn.

Here’s a video that shows how to be a professional DJ

On a lighter note, here’s another mock-infomercial video parodying the recent surge in the popularity of house music and those claiming to be a “DJ”.

To Conclude

There are plenty of opportunities for those who know their trade. But if you’re a beginner, you will need to go through some struggle first. However you choose to learn, be persistent and always try to improve, and be passionate about it. This is how you become a DJ.

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