How Are Ernie Ball Music Man Guitars & Basses Built: Factory Tour

Factory Tour of Ernie Ball Music Man Guitars & Basses
Here’s a factory tour of Ernie Ball Music Man that shows how their Guitars & Basses are built.

These guitars are Made in the USA by skilled builders. No doubt that these guitars are top notch and very consistent as far as the quality and play-ability is concerned.

If you see the video, you can see that a machine does most of the work, including the buffing, but finally its a human who checks it and does the final adjustments.

It’s been observed lately that more & more American companies are willing to allow a factory walk-through compared to some foreign guitar makers.

Though the ‘Ernie Ball Music Man’ may not be one of the most popular brands yet, you can see the passion they have and their dedication towards delivering a quality product.

This is a family business and being the sole owner of the company does help at times, as unlike some of the bigger brands such as Fender or Gibson, you don’t have a corporation/board members to answer to at the end of the day.

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