Best Home Digital Pianos, Reviews

Best Home Digital Pianos: Practical alternatives to the concert grands and the baby grand pianos. These are affordable, require no maintenance and look elegant, perfect for use at home.

Best Digital Piano for Home

Here, we have reviewed the best digital pianos for home use; these offer the best combination of sound, touch and style. We are not talking about the cheaper, portable versions here, but digital pianos with upright/baby grand designs that look like a real piano (minus all its inconveniences). We will also not consider stage pianos (though some of the high end models are extremely good, but that is another category).

Whether you’re a beginning student or a pro pianist, you’ll really enjoy playing/practicing on these home digital pianos that will easily fit most rooms.

Casio Privia PX860 digital piano

Casio Privia PX860

The Casio PX860 comes in upright design & sounds good. One of the best home pianos, considering the price, with excellent sound and features. Read more…

Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Piano

Casio CGP-700 88-Key Digital Piano

The Casio CGP-700 is an attractive upright piano with several features. Its a new model, looks elegant and has a great keyboard. Read more…

Yamaha Arius YDP-V240

Yamaha Arius YDP-V240

The YDP-V240 is an excellent upright piano with all the features you need on a piano. If you like the Yamaha brand and want a piano with excellent tonal quality, this is the one to look for. Read more…

Yamaha DGX-650

Yamaha DGX-650

The DGX650W is a close competitor to the P255 but this one has accompaniments and many more features, and an excellent weighted keyboard. Read more…

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano

Kawai ES8 Digital Piano

The Kawai ES8 is a premium digital piano that can be used for gigs or for piano recitals. Great sounds and piano feel. Read more…

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