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hollow body electric guitar

Hollow Body Electric Guitar reviews Guide to Hollow Body Electric Guitars & Reviews

Now that you have decided to buy an electric guitar, there is one more thing you need to consider. Whether you need a hollow-body guitar or a solid-body guitar. Let’s take a look at at hollow body electric guitar.


As is the characteristic of hollow-bodied guitars, you can expect bright sound from these guitars.
The acoustic resonance in a full hollow-body construction gives the sound a a bit of “twang” and you get a fuller sound. The better ones gives out a sweeter tone.

If you wish you can play these electric guitars without using an amplifier, but you may not get the same fullness of sound as you would find in a traditional acoustic guitar. But for practicing at home, you can definitely play it without plugging it into an amplifier.

Can be Expensive

I’m sure if you have played guitar for some time now, you would obviously have come across these guitars. It is very easy to get impressed with these hollow-bodied guitars but then they are expensive and out of reach for most beginners. There are a few moderately priced ones also but compared to the other types of guitars, these are priced on the higher side.

OE30 Oscar Schmidt Hollow Body Electric Guitar
Good value for money guitar.

Ibanez Artcore AF55 Hollow-Body Electric Guitar
Produces rich and full, traditional tones.

Gretsch Limited Edition G5420T Hollow Body Electric Guitar
Premium quality, great looks, filter’Tron humbucking pickups.

Things to watch out for

We spoke about the price part.

The other problem that inexperienced players may face is that of feedback, especially if like to play at high volume. It is usually not a problem at moderate levels of volume, but if you still want to play at high volumes, switch to a semi-hollow or solid-body guitar.

Alternatively play around with the placement of the amp in relation to your location while playing. You may even choose to buy Doug’s Plugs to deal with this problem, good investment and it doesn’t affect the tone either.

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