Headset Microphone Basics

Headset Microphone
Headset Microphone: Reviews of some of the best ones for various price range that you can use with your computer.

Unless you are doing serious music production, you are most likely to use your headphone for various purposes. Though it is used primarily for listening to music, watching videos, or while playing games, there are many who use it for chatting as well.

So it makes sense to go in for one with high-quality speakers and stereo sound, something that is comfortable to wear as well.

For specific purposes, you may also choose designs where the cup rotate so that you can hear from one speakers if need be.

Must for Computer

Do you spend a lot of time on your computer doing these activities?

Headset Microphone

  • Playing video / online games
  • Watching movies or listening to music on computer
  • Doing online chatting using software such as Skype or Google Voice
  • Attending conference calls
  • Recording audio
  • Creating Podcasts
  • Then you are definitely going to need this device.

    Why Use These?

    There are several advantages of going in for a headset with an attached mic, such as:

  • Easy hands-free operation
  • The microphone always stays in place.
  • Easier to use for longer hours
  • Encourages proper posture as you don’t have to bend towards the mic
  • Better sound quality than the standard desktop microphone
  • Wireless Ones

    Wireless ones are available, and on first thought you might be tempted to go in for these as many find the cables very restrictive. as:

    So wireless comes across a good option but then there are some challenges with these as well, such as:

  • They are prone to interference from other devices
  • They usually have a limited range
  • The sound quality is okay, not great for music or gaming experiences.
  • That is why these are mostly used for chatting online.

    Wireless Headset Microphone

    To Conclude

    A good USB headset can be easily connected to the computer and can be used not just for chatting on skype, you can also use it for many more things such as for karaoke, showing your vocal skills, and even for Gaming.

    As you can see there are several uses of a headset microphone, so you need to ensure that you buy something that is not only of good quality, it also needs to be comfortable to wear for longer periods.

    Standard desktop mics usually pick up sounds at the end of your conversation and sends it back (known as feedback). So if you’re looking for a laptop or PC microphone for various online activities, a headset microphone will be a much better option.

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