Hardware vs Software: Which Sounds Do You Prefer for Music Production?

Hardware vs Software generated music Sounds

If you have spent even some time reading on how music is created on a computer, you will know that you have a choice of using either the software sounds, or sounds that come from hardware such as physical synthesizers and keyboards.

But then there are many who think that one is better than the other.

What do you feel about using Hardware or Software Sounds for Music Production?

Again, there are advantages and disadvantages of using both hardware as well as software; they do have their ups and downs.

So it is probably best to use both, so that you can leverage the best of each of them.

A professional music producer is most likely to have a DAW like Pro Tool and sound libraries, along with an excellent keyboard like Motif or Fantom, in his/her studio.

If you are a keyboard player then a hardware synth rocks. You just need to turn on the power and you can get started. However, Soft synths are cheaper and easily accessible, and they can sound better (if you know how to use it).

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