Introducing the Hammond Electric Organ with Outstanding Sounds & Features

Hammond Electric Organ – Here are the best Hammond Pro-Series organs ever designed, with deep, rich choral layers of sound.

Hammond Electric Organ The Hammond Organ Sound has been used in almost every genre of music (Jazz musicians in particular love the Hammond), since it was first introduced in 1935. Today the Hammond name is known and respected all over the world. Since its inception, Hammond Organs have been sold throughout the world to the tune of well over a billion dollars.

If you like the sound and quality of the hammond organ, you’ve come to the right place! Find a large selection of hammond organs and vintage leslie speakers here.

Watch: Hammond SK1 Demo

Watch: Hammond XK3C XK33C Demo

Hammond Electric OrganHammond XK3C 61-Key Modeling Organ
The New Hammond XK3C is simply the best Hammond Pro-Series organ ever designed.

Deep, rich choral layers are created by the enhanced VASE III sound generator that controls a full compliment of 96 digital tone wheels, each one individually adjustable by two sets of 9 harmonic drawbars, and your favorite settings are easily recalled by 12 reverse color preset keys.

The Hammond XK3C puts you in command of a NEW dual tube vacuum tube preamp that powers your solos way out front with more expression than ever before. Read more…

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