1/2 Electric Guitar (Half Size Guitars for Kids)

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Half Size Electric Guitar (30 to 32 inches): Here’s why owning these make sense, and things to look for when buying one. Even though these are kids electric guitars, they produce nice sound, and come with a nice, small amplifier. Half sized kids guitars are suitable for children aged around 3-8, with height around 3’10” to 4’6″. These have a smaller body size and a shorter scale length which makes it perfect for beginners, and smaller players, some even use it as a little guitar to travel with (although a three-fourth would be a better choice for a nice travel guitar). For all those kids who find electric guitars fascinating, a half-sized electric guitar is highly recommended. Skip to the best kids electric guitar on amazon.

Why Smaller Size?

Half Size Electric GuitarIf your child already loves toy guitars and spends a lot of time on it, its an indication that you probably need an upgrade for your kid.

In case you are a musician yourself or have friends who have a guitar, and if your young one knows how to hold the guitar and strum it, then its even more reason to get him/her a decent guitar.

That is where these smaller (1/2 sized ones) guitars are perfect.

These 1/2 sized electric guitars are smaller in size and come with the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ effect that kids love!

half (1/2) guitar size

Any Problems with These?

Not really!

  • But since these are inexpensive/entry-level guitars, the overall quality will be “average” (but good for kids). You may however buy an expensive one (or a slightly bigger 3/4 size if you’ve a child aged 9-10 years ), which will sound better and will be more durable.
  • Depending on how your kids use it, there’s always a probability that it could get some scratches, not because these guitars have any problems, but because its used by kids. I guess, that applies to most things that children use.
  • Also, most short scale guitars have tuning issues (especially the cheaper ones), which means they’ll go out of tune more frequently, and you need to tune them back. Again, not a major issue!

These are limitations if seen from the perspective of an adult; for kids these are great options to begin with.

Suitable for Whom?

These are designed for children below the age of eight. However, that number is just an indication, it all depends on the arm’s length.

Because kids have shorter arms than adults, they don’t need a full size guitar. 1/2 size electric guitars will help them develop their guitar playing skills easily as they don’t put much strain on their fingers and arms.

Buying Options

You can find some excellent online deals on child guitars, and it’s usually shipped to your door for free.

These 1/2 size electric guitars feature a shorter scale length and thinner neck which makes them perfect for smaller hands.

Here are some good options for beginners:

Checkout some of these cool Half Size Electric Guitars:

Extras / Useful Accessories

Most half size electric guitars come bundled with all the useful accessories that you need to get started. However, you may require a few more accessories as well. For example, a tuner and a selection of plectrums with your new guitar pack.

Read more on guitar accessories here.

Suitable for Travel

You also get the slightly bigger 3/4 sized electric guitars that are perfect for kids aged 11+, for musicians with smaller hands, and for musicians who wish to travel with a smaller scale guitar.

You get excellent quality guitars in this size, for those serious guitar learners.

Besides, they are also used by adult players with smaller hands, and those looking for a smaller sized (but good sounding) guitar to carry along for travel.

In fact, you also get custom-made ones.

Final Words

A half sized electric guitar package gives youngster all the music gear required to learning to play electric guitar. Along with the electric guitar, you get a low output amplifier, a soft carrying case, spare strings and plectrums. These serve as perfect gifts for young kids. So get started on the electric guitar today.

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