Best High quality (1/2) size acoustic guitars

The best half sized (1/2 size) acoustic guitars reviewed here. These are quite popular with young students aged between 5 and 8 years (around 3’10” to 4’6″), who’re keen to start learning the guitar. Half size guitars measures the half of the scale of a standard size guitar and fits the small hands of kids perfectly.

Best 1/2 Size Kids Acoustic Guitar

If you your child is around 8 years or so, s/he might be better off with a half size guitar, but if s/he is around 10-11 years old, you could consider getting a 3/4 size beginner guitar.

half (1/2) guitar size

Here are some of the top half sized acoustic guitars.

Oscar Schmidt OGHS

The Oscar Schmidt OGHS is not a toy, but a real guitar, available in a selection of colors.

The guitar features dreadnought body style for comfort and better quality sound. Spruce top, catalpa back and sides, mahogany neck, and rosewood fretboard and bridge. It comes with full body and neck binding with stylish abalone accents. The Oscar Schmidts also have a truss-rod to allow you to correct any neck warping (due to humidity/temperature changes).

Overall, this Oscar Schmidt guitar offers great value for money!

Guitar Accessories

Luckily with acoustic guitars, you don’t need much extra accessories for your new 1/2 half size kids acoustic guitar. Perhaps a tuner, or maybe some picks (or a strap if s/he insists).

Check out our beginner guitar accessories guide to learn all about guitar accessories.

Nylon String vs Steel String

Acoustic guitars are available with steel strings or nylon strings (these are also referred to as classical guitar). Most parents want to know if they should get a nylon string guitar, or a steel-string (which is what this article talks about) guitar for their child.

The best way to find out is to ask your child, if s/he likes electric guitar, there’s no point in getting an acoustic guitar.

If he’s unsure, get a steel-string guitar; these sound brighter and louder.

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Final Words

We hope this guide helped you find the best 1/2 size kids acoustic guitar! Have any queries? Please feel free to ask below in the comments section.

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