Guitar to Home Theater System Instead of Guitar Amp

How to connect your Guitar to a Home Theatee or Surround sound system instead of a Guitar Amp. There are many who do that and even you can do the same, if you are not ready yet to invest in an amplifier.

If you own a guitar and do not have the budget right now to invest in an amplifier, then you could even connect it to the home stereo system/theatre that you probably own.

If you have a good home theatre system, then you can even make your guitar sound pretty cool. It may not be a portable option, but for practicing at home, its an option available to you, until you decide to get a guitar amplifier.

Connect Guitar to Home Theater System Instead of Guitar Amp

But is it safe to connect your electric guitar to a home theatre system or your home audio system?

Pretty much safe!

Most audio systems have built-in presets (for the different genres of music) that changes the sound somewhat, depending on what genre you have selected; it applies to the guitar sound as well. The same goes for functions like equalizers, and so on.

Different ways to connect your guitar to your home stereo — Introduction to using a stereo as an amp head, connecting your guitar directly to the stereo, connecting thru an effects pedal using a Y-adapter.

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To get a better sound, you may use a pre-amp for your guitar. A pre-amp is basically a device that boosts the electric signals coming out of the guitar. The output of the preamp can then be connected to the home theatre.

It amplifies those signals so that it can be heard properly and makes it much more audible on the Surround sound system.

Here’s a video that shows you how to connect your electric/bass guitar or semi-acoustic to your computer, or to your home stereo music system in case you don’t have a guitar amp. You will require the 6mm to 3.5mm jack adapter for the guitar, and it’s relatively cheap. Then all you’ll need is a male to male 3.5mm cord, which is most commonly used in iPod headphones, Smartphones and other headphone jacks.

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