Guitar Tabs for Beginners

Guitar Tabs for Beginners Guitar Tabs for Beginners: Read more on why this is a great means to playing the Guitar efficiently, and where to find these resources.

Learning to Read Music

One of the important skills to be learnt in music is to read notes and scales, which turns out to be a challenge for most students.

Some get bored reading notes, while some find it difficult to understand how to read them, while others are not sure how to apply them while playing their guitars.

Sight Reading Guitar
Sight Reading on Guitar is challenging especially if you have played other music instrument before. But it will help you some great music that has been written or adapted for guitar, besides allowing you to play with other musicians.

Tabs are Easy to Read

This is why guitar tabulatures aka tabs are so popular, as it is quite easy to play songs using these.

How to read Guitar Tablature.

Guitar tabs for beginners allows you to get started with simple songs by easily following the tabs. You will be able to play different songs, without getting confused or bored.

How long does it take to learn to play a full song from a guitar tab

Play Guitar by Ear
Learning to Play Guitar by Ear is another method of learning, as opposed to the traditional sight reading based guitar lessons. Lot of guitarists have learnt to play guitar this way and you too can learn it if you approach it correctly.

Any Prerequisites?

So can you start playing these easy guitar tabs right from day one? Well, playing these tabs actually requires at least some basic guitar playing skills, and of course the ability to read tab (which is not very difficult).

If you’re a total “newbie”, spend at least a few days strumming the guitar and go through some of the beginner guitar lessons here.

Easy to Find

One of the important things that you will need as a beginner is a good set of practice material, so that you can practice and also build a repertoire of songs.

You can easily find guitar tabs for beginners on the internet, most of them free, which is an inexpensive way of building your music library.

Easy guitar tabs
Classical guitar tabs

Traditional guitar sessions, on the other hand, require you to pay subscription fees for the music notes.

Learn from Home

As a beginner, you should definitely aim to learn how to read and eventually write notes. But if that means, you could end up giving up on the guitar, a safer bet is to look for other ways to learn.

In addition to the tabs you can also use guitar learning software, which will help you to learn on your own, save travelling time, and also save money.

Guitar Tabs

Easy Guitar Tabs

Easy Guitar Tabs
Also find Easy Guitar Tabs to help you get started on the guitar. Find guitar tabs for some fairly easy to play songs, mostly rock and pop songs, covering bands like Beatles, Coldplay, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Green Day, Nirvana, U2, and Neil Young among others.

Simply click on the link, and ENJOY playing the song! For some songs, there’s a link to more complete lessons with audio and extensive explanation.

Here you go, guitar tabs to help you play some songs.

  1. Every Rose Has Its Thorns video lesson
  2. Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (AC/DC)
  3. More AC/DC Tabs
  4. House of the Rising Sun
  5. Nowhere Man (The Beatles)
  6. More Beatles Tabs
  7. Iron Man (Black Sabbath)
  8. More Black Sabbath Tabs
  9. All the Small Things (Blink 182)
  10. More Blink 182 Tabs
  11. More Than a Feeling (Boston)
  12. More Boston Tabs
  13. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (Coldplay)
  14. More Coldplay Tabs
  15. Zombie (The Cranberries)
  16. More Cranberries Tabs
  17. Sunshine of Your Love (Cream)
  18. More Cream Tabs
  19. Lodi (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  20. More CCR Tabs
  21. Blackwater (The Doobie Brothers)
  22. More Doobie Brothers Tabs
  23. Riders on the Storm (The Doors)
  24. More Doors Tabs
  25. Take It Easy (The Eagles)
  26. More Eagles Tabs
  27. Longview (Green Day)
  28. More Greenday Tabs
  29. You Really Got Me (The Kinks)
  30. More Kinks Tabs
  31. Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Syknyrd)
  32. Come As You Are (Nirvana)
  33. More Nirvana Tabs
  34. Wonderwall (Oasis)
  35. More Oasis Tabs
  36. Mary Janes Last Dance (Tom Petty)
    More Tom Petty Tabs

  37. Hey Their Delilah (Plain White T’s)
  38. Californication (Chili Peppers)
  39. More Red Hot Chilli Peppers Tabs
  40. Everybody Hurts (REM)
  41. More REM Tabs
  42. 19th Nervous Breakdown (The Rolling Stones)
  43. More Rolling Stones Tabs
  44. Fire (Bruce Springsteen)
    More Bruce Springsteen Tabs

  45. Wild World (Cat Stevens)
  46. More Cat Stevens Tabs
  47. Beautiful Day (U2)
  48. U2 Tabs
  49. Buddy Holly (Weezer)
  50. More Weezer Tabs
  51. Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)
  52. More White Stripes Tabs
  53. Heart of Gold (Neil Young)
  54. Rockin’ in the Free World (Neil Young)

To Conclude

In this modern digital age, where access to information is quite easy, learning new things is quite easy and affordable. Reading notes, and going in to theories straight away scares most beginners and that is where guitar tabs are a great alternative to learning the guitar.

The On-line World has made it practical for just about everyone to obtain guitar tabs. You can select the songs you desire to play, or perhaps complete albums of your most loved rock bands.

Guitar tabs are readily available for download whenever you want. E-books and CDs on all guitar tabs and playing styles can also be found for a small fee. Registering with guitar forums will also improve your information about guitars, tabs and everything related.

Without a doubt, using easy guitar tabs will surely help you to master this instrument.

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