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Guitar Straps
Guitar Strap & Lock: If you are looking for style or something that gives you weight-relief, and to protect your guitar from accidental drops, checkout these straps and locks.

Guitar Strap Strings

This page shows all Guitar Strap String for your interesting. According to the different size, color, price, and selling amount, you may feel free to find a correct one.

Straps: What Options are Available?

Manufacturers now see these accessories as something that’s not just something to hold your guitar; it’s something that you wear as well.

And that is why:

  • You get a wide variety of straps
  • These are designed not just to be comfortable & durable, but also to be fashionable
  • You have a selection of leather and fabric guitar straps
  • You will find simple, elaborate, lightweight, heavy-weight, classy, or even crazy, depending on your comfort
  • Most straps are designed to be comfortable, durable, and fashionable, because it’s not just something to hold up your guitar; it’s something that you wear (this is how they usually promote their straps).

    You can choose from simple to elaborate, from classy to crazy, from lightweight to heavy-duty, depending on your needs.

    Guitar Strap

    Custom Guitar Strap

    As with most guitar accessories, you also have the option to go in for a custom guitar strap.

    There are many guitarists, especially who gig a lot and are already quite popular, who want something that matches their personality.

    A custom guitar strap is best for such players. You could have your choice of fabric, color, design, initials and so on.

    Here are some more popular choices:

    Why Use Straps?

    Guitar is a popular instrument, and some of the start guitarists are really famous people. What they wear is imitated by their millions of fans across the globe. And so a guitar strap, even though meant for comfort, can also look very stylish.

    But you might wonder what is this fuss about; after all it only holds up a guitar?

    Not all the musicians are the same; they want their music to sound unique, and most also want their accessories to look unique (if they do have a choice).

    Some may like black, some may like simple, other may like fake fur, lighting bolts, and so on.

    That is the reason you do have various choices!

    Protec Guitar Strap with Leather Ends and Pick Pocket

    Levy’s Leathers Hootenanny jacquard weave Guitar Strap

    Planet Waves Classic Leather Guitar Strap
    Planet Waves Classic Leather Guitar Strap, Black
    List Price: $13.77
    Price: $13.75
    You Save: $0.02
    Price Disclaimer

    Dunlop SLS1033BK Straplok Dual Design Strap Retainer System

    Adjusting the Length

    Most of the straps are designed in such a way that their length can be adjusted to your liking. This is definitely a good feature to have, especially for your convenience.

    Most of these have a standard tri-glide adjustment system, which is commonly found on just about every consumer item that has adjustable straps.

    However, some of the expensive straps may have their unique adjustment system.

    Why Use Strap Locks?

    You would use a guitar strap, not just to lighten your shoulder, but the strap locks can actually help your prized guitar from accidental falls.

    A Strap lock is sort of an inexpensive insurance to protect your guitar from falling off onto the floor.

    These little devices are available for cheap, and once you affix them, you can just play your guitar without worrying about anything.

    Browse Guitar Strap String selection on GuitarCenter.

    How to Attach the Strap to the Guitar

    Guitars with Two Strap Pins
    If you have a look at any electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and even some acoustic guitars, they will usually come equipped with two strap pins, one towards the lower bout, and the other at the top horn or close to the base of the neck.

    In case, you have such a guitar, attaching the strap is quite easy as you just put the pinhole of one end of the strap over one pin, and put the pinhole of the other end of the strap over the other pin.

    And does it matter which ones goes where?

    Ideally, it should not matter which end goes on which pin of the guitar, however some straps are designed to look better if the adjustment end of the strap is attached to the lower bout pin of the guitar.

    So do pay attention to that aspect!

    Guitars with Only One Strap Pin
    What if your acoustic guitar has only one strap pin? There are several models that only have one pin towards the heel of the lower bout.

    Although you may get a second strap pin easily installed by any qualified guitar technician, in most cases its not required.

    Most guitar straps come with a lace, which needs to be looped through the pinhole of one end of the strap, and tying it around the head-stock of the guitar by the nut under the strings.

    Once you do that, you can put the pinhole of the other end of the strap over the strap pin of the guitar.

    Guitars Without Any Strap Pins
    Classical acoustic guitars are usually not equipped with any strap pins. You do get straps designed specifically for such guitars.

    Each strap consists of a closed loop, worn around the neck, or over one shoulder and under the opposite arm (usually the right arm for a right-handed player).

    At the end of the loop is a braided lace with a plastic hook. You need to take the lace from behind and under the guitar at its waist, and back up in front to the sound-hole. Once you’ve done that, you need to hook the plastic hook to the bottom of the sound-hole.

    So basically, the guitar’s waist will rest on the braid. However, when using a classical guitar strap on a classical guitar, its better that you keep at least one hand on the guitar (all the time) to prevent it from tipping forward and falling.

    Here’s a video that shows how to attach an acoustic guitar strap:

    So do checkout the various guitar straps & Locks!

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