Best Guitar Stand Reviews (Stands, Wall Mount Hangers)

best Guitar StandsGuitar stand reviews: Includes multiple-guitar stands, wall mount hangers, and stands for all types of guitars, including acoustic, electric and bass. It’s a convenient way of resting your electric or acoustic guitar, once you are done with your practice session. It keeps your guitar in place and you can quickly access it when you feel like practicing, or when inspiration strikes. These can fold down flat for easy carrying and packing. Skip to the best guitar stand on Amazon


Best Guitar Stands / Wall Mount Hangars

Guitar stands not only saves you floor space by condensing the guitar storage into a smaller area, it also keeps your guitar ready to be accessed when inspiration strikes or when you feel like practicing.

Here are some of the popular guitar stands:

On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand, Single Stand

On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand, Single Stand
List Price: $21.99
Price: $12.95
You Save: $9.04
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The On Stage XCG4 Guitar Stand is easy to setup and supports virtually any acoustic or electric guitar or bass guitar. Height adjustment is easy with its non-scratching friction knob. Comes with a security strap at the top of the stand to prevent the guitar from falling down accidentally. Its great for beginner guitars but with the more expensive and heavier classical guitars, you should consider a sturdier option. Overall, a good, affordable, entry level guitar stand that serves the purpose.

Stageline GS550A wooden acoustic guitar stand Stageline GS550A wooden acoustic guitar stand

Unlike the previous option, this guitar stand actually stands on the floor. The Stageline GS550A wooden guitar stand looks elegant, is sturdy, and does a great job of supporting a wide variety of guitar sizes, include electric guitars. It has a nice design, and is actually bigger than what it looks in the pictures. Having said that its compact, and doesn’t really occupy lot of space. Overall, a beautiful and good quality furniture that works well with any guitar and looks great at home or in our practice studio.

String Swing’s Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger

This Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger has a deep cradle design to prevent the guitar from falling of the hangar, thus promoting safer handling of your instrument. This hangar is also great for guitars which have a headstock with single or uneven heels. The wooden block is made of real hardwood.

7-Guitar Bass Folding Guitar Stand

This multi guitar stand can hold up to 7 acoustic, electric and/or bass guitars. Another great feature is that its foldable making for easy storage. And its reasonably light weight for easy transport. Its more of an electric guitar/bass rack, and a bit tight for acoustics. If you have an expensive acoustic guitar, do consider getting another stand for Fits seven guitars, good value for money.

Guitar Hanger Hook Holder Wall Mount Guitar Hanger Hook Holder Wall Mount
This is a great low-cost wall hanger and works fine for hanging most guitars, mandolins or ukuleles. Very easy to install, has movable arms.
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Guitar Stand: Guide

Top Reasons to Use a Stand?

Guitar players go in for a stand because otherwise almost everybody ends up putting their guitar on the bed or in some corner on the living room, once they are done with their practice sessions. And this is particularly true of most beginners.

As a result, the guitar is vulnerable to all sorts of bumps, liquid spills and other hazards, which can cause damage to the finish, or even end up the tonal quality of the guitar.

So, it is quite apparent that one needs a guitar stand rather than just keep it somewhere haphazardly.

Resting Your Guitar
But there is another type of stand that is used my guitarists, the ones used to rest the guitar when you are not playing it.

And why would you need such a stand?

Because otherwise you would end up keeping the guitar on the couch or in some corner, as most players are too lazy to keep it inside a bag in some safe corner.

This can be quite annoying to the other members in the house, and it is not safe for the guitar as well. You risk damaging the guitar if you don’t keep it properly after your practice session.

That is why a guitar stand is so helpful.

You have the option of choosing a model that rests on the floor or go in for the wall hangers.

Guitar Stands

Keep Your Guitar Easily Accessible
One thing that most guitar players want is an easy way to keep their guitars, when not in use.
They want something that is easily accessible, and doesn’t take as much time as putting it back in a gig bag.

This is where a Guitar Stand comes in handy. You can read more here to know the various types, features and uses of music stands, including stands made for guitars.

Unlike a guitar wall mount, which requires you to drill a hole in the wall, these are ready to use. However, since these rests on the floor, it does take some amount of space, compared to a wall mount.

Types of Guitar Stands

Guitar StandsGuide to Guitar Stands. Why use them and the various types and options available.

Musicians have access to a wide range of music accessories that are used to make playing your instrument more comfortable, and some are meant to provide safety to your instrument.

There are various kinds of stands available to musicians, the most common ones being the ones that are used to hold sheet music.

In general, a guitarist would use:

  • A Music stand to hold sheet music
  • A rest for your foot so that you can hold the guitar better
  • A stand to rest your guitar when not in use
  • You further have designs such as Floor stands, Mini stands, Rack stands and Wall Hangers

    When it comes to options, there are a few more choices besides the normal tripod guitar stand. Here are some more versions available:

  • Floor stands
  • Mini stands
  • Rack stands
  • Wall Hangers
  • You do get ones, that are designed to hold multiple guitars, and then you also have several choices of Guitar Stand Accessories.

    Checkout the best-selling guitar Stands.

    Features of a Guitar Stand

    The main objective is to rest your guitar and that too safely without leaving any mark on the finish of the guitar, and so the manufacturers ensure they use rubber materials (foam rubber) near the probable contact points to avoid any marks on the guitar.

    Most of these are height-adjustable to hold various guitar sizes. These stands can be dismantled and can be folded for easy storage / portability.

    You can also choose a wall hanger, for those looking for more options. It also helps to showcase your guitar, just in case you own an exotic one.

    Guitar Stand Reviews

    Just like a sheet music stand, even guitar stands are made of wood; the beautiful looking wooden guitar stands (bit expensive) are preferred by classical musicians, as it perfectly complements the other instruments and accessories in their music practice/performance room. The better ones are usually made from solid hardwood (no plywood or particle board.)

    You also get multi-guitar stands, which really makes it convenient to lay down all your favorite guitars at one place, for easy access. Most experienced guitar players, over the years, own multiple guitars (you’ll hardly find anybody owning just one guitar.) For such players, a multi-guitar stand is quite handy!

    Guitar manufacturers also employ differing types of finishes on the stand itself. Unlike a guitar wall mount, which requires you to drill a hole in the wall, these are ready to use. However, since these rests on the floor, it does take some amount of space, compared to a wall mount.

    Here are more features of a Guitar Stand:

  • Folds down flat for easy carrying and packing
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Foam coating on all contact points to avoid any marks on the guitar
  • Right width for an electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass
  • Non-slip rubber end caps
  • Smart locking top yoke prevents the guitar from falling
  • Some models can hold two guitars
  • Good Buying Options

  • Whether you are a gigging guitarist or play the guitar for studio recordings, you will need a guitar stand
  • Even when you’re taking just a small break during practice or during your performance, this is the best option to rest your guitar
  • A good guitar stand does keep your instrument protected, when you are not playing it.

    Checkout the best Guitar Stands listed above.

    If you’re a beginner or an intermediate level guitar player looking for a budget stand, then you may want to checkout this hugely popular stand.

    Another popular option, especially if you own multiple guitar stands, is this one. After a few years of playing, you’re likely to own multiple guitars and this can be a good stand to have.

    In case you’re looking for a wall hanger, this is a good one to have. Not only does it save space, you can show-off your stylish guitar as well.

    Guitar Stand

    What Beginners Need?
    As a beginner, you may not need any of these to begin with; just keep it inside the soft gig bag and rest it in some corner.

    But if you are going to do more of sight-reading, a sheet music stand is a more convenient way of holding the sheets.

    With more experience, you may also consider buying the foot rest.

    Guitar Wall Mount

    To Conclude

    I’m sure you would agree that your guitar doesn’t look good at all when it is lying on the couch, or leaning against the wall in some corner. Using a guitar stand makes it look much better, and is even safer for the guitar. You can find a huge selection of Guitar Stands & Wall Hangers here.

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