Guitar Stand Reviews: Best Multiple-Guitar Stands, Wall Mount Hangers, and Stands

Guitar stand

best Guitar StandsGuitar stand reviews: Includes multiple-guitar stands, wall mount hangers, and stands for all types of guitars, including acoustic, electric and bass. It’s a convenient way of resting your electric or acoustic guitar, once you are done with your practice session. It keeps your guitar in place and you can quickly access it when you feel like practicing, or when inspiration strikes. These can fold down flat for easy carrying and packing. Skip to the best guitar stand on Amazon

Best Guitar Stands / Wall Mount Hangars

Guitar stands not only saves you floor space by condensing the guitar storage into a smaller area, it also keeps your guitar ready to be accessed when inspiration strikes or when you feel like practicing.

Here are some of the popular guitar stands:

On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand, Single Stand

On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Guitar Stand, Single Stand
List Price: $21.99
Price: $12.95
You Save: $9.04
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The On Stage XCG4 Guitar Stand is easy to setup and supports virtually any acoustic or electric guitar or bass guitar. Height adjustment is easy with its non-scratching friction knob. Comes with a security strap at the top of the stand to prevent the guitar from falling down accidentally. Its great for beginner guitars but with the more expensive and heavier classical guitars, you should consider a sturdier option. Overall, a good, affordable, entry level guitar stand that serves the purpose.

Stageline GS550A wooden acoustic guitar stand Stageline GS550A wooden acoustic guitar stand

Stageline GS550A Wooden Guitar Stand
List Price: $22.99
Price: $22.99
Price Disclaimer

Unlike the previous option, this guitar stand actually stands on the floor. The Stageline GS550A wooden guitar stand looks elegant, is sturdy, and does a great job of supporting a wide variety of guitar sizes, include electric guitars. It has a nice design, and is actually bigger than what it looks in the pictures. Having said that its compact, and doesn’t really occupy lot of space. Overall, a beautiful and good quality furniture that works well with any guitar and looks great at home or in our practice studio.

String Swing’s Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger

This Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger has a deep cradle design to prevent the guitar from falling of the hangar, thus promoting safer handling of your instrument. This hangar is also great for guitars which have a headstock with single or uneven heels. The wooden block is made of real hardwood.

7-Guitar Bass Folding Guitar Stand

This multi guitar stand can hold up to 7 acoustic, electric and/or bass guitars. Another great feature is that its foldable making for easy storage. And its reasonably light weight for easy transport. Its more of an electric guitar/bass rack, and a bit tight for acoustics. If you have an expensive acoustic guitar, do consider getting another stand for Fits seven guitars, good value for money.

Guitar Hanger Hook Holder Wall Mount Guitar Hanger Hook Holder Wall Mount
This is a great low-cost wall hanger and works fine for hanging most guitars, mandolins or ukuleles. Very easy to install, has movable arms.
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Guitar Stand: Keep Your Guitar Easily Accessible

One thing that most guitar players want is an easy way to keep their guitars, when not in use.
They want something that is easily accessible, and doesn’t take as much time as putting it back in a gig bag.

This is where a Guitar Stand comes in handy. You can read more here to know the various types, features and uses of music stands, including stands made for guitars.

Unlike a guitar wall mount, which requires you to drill a hole in the wall, these are ready to use. However, since these rests on the floor, it does take some amount of space, compared to a wall mount.

Good Buying Options

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate level guitar player looking for a budget stand, then you may want to checkout this hugely popular stand.

Another popular option, especially if you own multiple guitar stands, is this one. After a few years of playing, you’re likely to own multiple guitars and this can be a good accessory to have.

In case you’re looking for a wall hanger, this is a good one to have. Not only does it save space, you can show-off your stylish guitar as well.

Guitar Stand

To Conclude

I’m sure you would agree that your guitar doesn’t look good at all when it is lying on the couch, or leaning against the wall in some corner. Using a guitar stand makes it look much better, and is even safer for the guitar. You can find a huge selection of Guitar Stands & Wall Hangers here.

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