Guitar Repair School

Guitar Repair School

Guitar Repair School: Learn the art of repairing guitars professionally. You can even choose to focus on smaller areas such as learn the basics of leveling and crowning frets.

Why Repair School?

A repair school gives you the flexibility to choose from a basic course to full-fledged repair courses.

Most of their courses are designed to teach:

  • Mechanics of the guitar
  • Evaluate string instruments
  • How to set it up professionally
  • How to maintain the instrument once it has been set up
  • Same as Building School?

    So is a repair school same as a guitar building school?

    Most of the time, if it’s a big & trusted name, you can expect to find all the courses related to building, repair & maintenance under one roof.

    But then a repair school also provides short courses that focus on specific maintenance areas.

    So for instance you could find programs on the following, if that is what you are looking for:

  • Learn the basics of leveling and crowning frets
  • Building Nuts from bone or graphite
  • Complete professional set up
  • Usually, all the tools that you need to do the repair work is provided, and you may just have to get your guitar to the school.

    Combine it with Performance?

    If you are serious about guitars, and want to cover each and every aspect of it, including performance, then you may choose a program accordingly.

    There are some contemporary music schools that offer a combination of guitar craft and performance-based instrument training.

    If you are really passionate about guitars, including the performance side of it, then this could be a really good option to explore.

    This way, once you have finished the course and have the necessary experience, you could work for a guitar manufacturer and double up as a performing musician, gives you the opportunity to have multiple streams of income which is not at all a bad thing.

    Guitar Repair School

    To Conclude

    So, in addition to playing the guitar, if you are also keen to explore the other aspects of guitars such as guitar design, construction, setting up, assembling, finishing, then a Guitar Repair School would be good place to get started.

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