Guitar Pickups: How to Choose the Best

guitar pickups

Guitar Pickups Guitar Pickups buying guide. Every musician/guitar player want their riffs, solos and strums to sound as clean, crisp and powerful as possible. An excellent guitar pickup helps you achieve that goal. Whether you play acoustic, electric, 12-string or bass, a guitar pickup will make your instrument sing. You can choose from several different types of guitar pickups, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Whether you place your guitar pickup on the neck or bridge, or if you choose to pair multiple pickups together, one thing is certain – your music will immediately start sounding even better thanks to this small accessory.

Types of Pickups

You get different types of pickups: Soundboard transducer, Undersaddle transducer, Sound hole pick ups, etc. The type of music you like to play (strum, flatpick or finger style) will largely determine the pick up you need. Soundboard transducers are best for flatpicking, undersaddle transducers for finger style and sound hole pickups for other music like rock acoustic, solo performances and small venues.

Magnetic and microphone pickups come in single or double coil designs. The single coil guitar pickup is bright and punchy and helps you cut through the sound of your band. Double coil pickups offer a fat and beefy mid-range sound and provide a better bass response. Then there’s the piezoelectric guitar pickup that amplifies the natural sound of an acoustic guitar and cancels out feedback noise.

You can use combination of different guitar pickup designs too.

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Buying a Pickup (aka Pup)

Pickups for Stratocasters, Telecasters, Les Pauls, SGs, Basses, Acoustic and more! Whether you’re looking at improving your tone or just need a quick spare you can buy these at cheap prices with brands such as Fender, EMG, Lace and Seymour Duncan!

  • For Electric Guitars you can choose from a big range of p’ups from different manufacturers.
  • For Acoustic Guitars, you get pickups that you put over the sound hole of the guitar. These pick ups sound great and are very easy to install!
  • For Bass Guitars, you can choose from a wide range for P-Bass and Jazz Bass styles, and more!

LR Braggs Anthem Tru-Mic Acoustic Microphone/Piezo Pickup System combines 2 great sounds to make one extraordinary pickup. This system blends a piezo pickup and noise-canceling mic to capture the warmth and personality of your acoustic guitar.

Looking for a magnetic guitar pickup, you might want to consider the Seymour Duncan APH-2s Alnico II Pro Slash Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup set, it produces a warm, fuller sound with incredible sustain.

Another nice option is the EMG –DG20 David Gilmore Pre-Wired Pickguard/Pickup Set. Alnico magnets provide a full, round tone with a heightened mid-range.


All pickups sound different to one another due to a number of reasons. Some factors that make them sound different are the magnets used and the number of coils of wire that are wrapped around. You may have heard of over wound and under wound pickups; well this relates to the amount of copper wire coils surrounding the magnet in your pickup. Different strength magnets can also yield a different sound. If you’re looking for more output and more bite with a replacement pick up then take a look at the high output pick ups. You also get more mellow pickups, pick up sets and signature pick ups. Changing the pickups on your guitar can be a difficult process so be sure to read up on how to do it and check the manufacturer’s instructions.

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