Buying the Best Guitar Hard Case: Flight Cases for Pro Instruments

hard cases / flight cases for guitar

Guitar Hard Case Guide to buying the best guitar hard case. These guitar flight cases are a must for professional guitar players who need to carry some of the most expensive guitars. If you want the best protective cases for airline travel, pick one of these. These cases are stronger than most shipping crates and can be used by Acoustic, Classical or Electric Guitars.

Best Guitar Hard Cases/Flight Cases

Here are the bestselling hard cases available for guitars. You can find these for acoustic, electric as well as bass guitars.

A hard case provides great protection for your guitar, and its worth investing in a quality flight case if you’ve made a significant investment in your guitar (or any other musical instrument).

These cases come with special safety foam inserts to ensure a snug fit, double anchor industrial grade rivets, industrial latches and spring loaded handles – everything your guitar needs to survive the hazards of transportation. Its a good idea to pad the neck and headstock with bubble wrap (headstock is the most fragile part of a guitar).

Fender Pro Series Stratocaster and Telecaster Case

Protects your beloved Fender axe with soft plush interior. The interior has two accessory compartments and an extra wide neck support. Exterior features chrome hardware and two locking latches.

Yamaha HC-AG1 Hardshell Acoustic Guitar Case

Yamaha HC-AG1 Hardshell Acoustic Guitar Case
List Price: $99.99
Price: $99.99
Price Disclaimer

Vinyl hard-shell acoustic guitar case with plush interior designed for carrying dreadnought & jumbo sized guitars. Fits Yamaha models: F Series, FG Series, A1 Series, A3 Series, CPX Series, FGX Series, FJX Series. Fits most standard dreadnought sized acoustic guitars.

This Yamaha dreadnought case comes with a storage pocket inside that can be used to keep guitar accessories like picks, capo, spare strings and more.

  1. ChromaCast CC-EHC Electric Guitar Hard Case
  2. Gator GWE-ACOU-3/4 Hard shell Acoustic Case
  3. SKB Electric Guitar Rectangular Hardshell

Guitar Hard Case / Flight Case: Guide

A Guitar hard case is quite different from the usual soft gig bags which many guitar players use. A soft guitar bag is more of a convenient carry bag that allows you to carry your guitar, along with a few accessories and books. It is more for protection against dust and moisture, and nothing more.

There is no way you can check your guitar in along with your other luggage items, in case you have to board a fight. A soft case is just not meant to absorb huge bumps and jerks.

This is where a Guitar Hard Case, also known as a guitar flight case comes into picture.

A Guitar Hard Case is recommended because these are made from virtually indestructible material and are designed to handle extreme impact and conditions.

Usually the material used is rugged military-grade polyethylene. And these are meant to withstand extreme pressure, heat and impact. Besides, the interior of a guitar flight case is fitted with thick foam padding to ensure that your guitar fits in nicely and doesn’t move a bit while travelling.

So you can just keep aside your worry of damaging your guitar, with these guitar flight cases.

These are meant for the more expensive guitars, so a lot of professionals use these.

Flying With Your Guitar: Things to Remember

When flying with your guitar, you have some control over how its going to be handled if you manage to keep it with you, and avoid checking the baggage. Checking your guitar means its likely to get tossed around by the baggage handlers. So you should try to carry your guitar (or other small musical instrument) on board. Its best to call ahead and check with the airlines to confirm if they have provisions for instruments.

Not sure how many of you’re aware but in 2008, United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago nearly destroyed Dave Carroll’s $3,500 acoustic guitar. After the airlines said that it would not compensate him for the loss, Carroll got back at them with a scathing video song called “United Breaks Guitars”, which went on to become a viral hit.

Here are some more useful tips on how to fly with your Guitar.

To Conclude

If you also intend to buy one you need to be sure about its need, so that it justifies your investment in the guitar hard case. But a good guitar flight case is a must in case you plan to take a flight and are thinking of carrying your expensive guitar along.

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