Guitar Foot Stool Reviews: For Classical / Flamenco Guitar Players

Guitar Foot Stool Reviews: The best and the sturdiest foot rests, made of steel and crafted from woods, at the lowest discounted price for the Classical / Flamenco guitar player. These convenient foot stools are height adjustable, lets you raise your leg while sitting for fatigue free guitar playing. A useful accessory for any classical guitar player. Skip to the best Guitar Foot Stool on Amazon.

Best Guitar Foot Stools

A guitar foot rest is one such accessory that is used by the majority of the classical and the Flamenco musicians. If you’re an intermediate or an experienced player, it makes sense to invest in a sturdy one.

Here are some more characteristics of these guitar accessories.

  • Height adjustable; you can set it to different heights
  • Easily fold-able, making it easy for travelling
  • The better ones are more sturdily built
  • Comfortable to use and light weight
  • On Stage FS7850B Guitar Foot Rest
    On Stage FS7850B Guitar Foot Rest
    List Price: $14.10
    Price: $9.95
    You Save: $4.15
    Price Disclaimer
    Performance Plus PGF1 Footstool Adjustable Height
    Guardian Folding Guitar Foot Stool
    Stagg FOS-A1 Metal Guitar Foot Rest

    Tetra-Teknica Essentials Series GFR-01 Guitar Foot Rest

    Inexpensive but solid and you will be pleasantly surprised with it.
    Height Adjustable. Sturdy. rubber feet to prevent the foot rest from sliding
    Dimension: 11.25” x 5.5” x 0.25”. Adjustable heights: 4.5”, 5.75”, 7”, 8”, 8.5”, 9.5”

    Guitar Foot Stool: Guide

    Guitar Foot Stool Most classical guitar players require some sort of support for their foot, so that it gets elevated and the guitar can rest comfortably on the lap, making it a lot more comfortable to play for longer sessions.

    However, most beginners don’t get this accessory to begin with. But sooner or later down the line, as they spend more time with their guitar, they realize how important some of the guitar accessories can be.

    So most guitar players get a foot rest to help them develop their stance while playing the guitar.

    Most beginning guitar players experience tension in their back and the fretting arm (left hand) if they play for a longer sessions. This can be because of poor posture as well. And in many cases, it has been seen that a foot stool makes the back and arms more relaxed.

    If you are an adult then you may use this for other purposes as well, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

    It is recommended that you take regular breaks, or at-least shift your position from time to time, or try alternately raising one foot higher than the other. A strong & sturdy guitar foot rest works well for that too.

    Guitar Foot Stool

    Does it Cause Back Problem?

    There are several threads in various guitar forums where people say that foot rests can cause back problems. However, there’s no truth to that.

    Several guitar players have been using the footstool for years without any physical problem. And for classical guitar playing, it really helps you get that right playing posture.

    May be if you practice for several hours a day, then you could. But otherwise, its perfectly fine to use a foot rest.

    Guitar Foot Rest: Videos

    Here’s a video that shows how to use a guitar foot rest:

    Here’s a video that shows “Shit can happen” with a guitar foot stool

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