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grand piano covers

Here’s a guide to buying the best Piano Cover; you have options to choose from a range of upright as well as Grand Piano Covers. The best grand piano covers offers protection from scratch, dust, spills and also look elegant, to complement the piano. When you are a proud owner of the best piano, you need to take care of it in the best possible manner. Skip to the best grand piano cover on Amazon.

Best Grand Piano Covers

These piano covers are designed to fit a wide range of grand pianos; you can choose from a wide selection of fabric materials.

Grand piano covers feature extra-thick padding, have a hard wearing and washable exterior with fleece lined inside to protect the case of the piano.

Use it when the piano is not in use, and especially in environments where liquids may spill on the piano, such as banquet halls, restaurants, multi-purpose room, church halls, etc. These covers also offer added protection from too much moisture in the room.

Best High-End (Clairevoire Grand Piano Cover)
Fits most grand pianos. Available in 5 ft, 5 ft 3 inches, 5 ft 8 inches, 6 ft 1 inch
Best Inexpensive (Andoer Grand Piano Cover)
Great cover for a baby grand piano. Dimensions: 11.4 x 10.6 x 4.3 inches

Andoer Grand Piano Pleuche Bordered Dust Protective Cover Cloth

Looks classy, made of pleuche, soft and durable – provides protection for grand piano from scratch and dust. Fits only baby grand pianos. Resistant to dirt, dark color won’t show dirt easily. Approx.155cm in length(front), 145cm in width and 50cm in height.

Black Quilted Grand Piano Cover

Black Quilted Grand Piano Cover

Perfect for Pianos sized 4’10” to 5’2″, this black quilted Grand Piano Cover is made of high quality nylon with a soft, snag-proof polypropylene backing to provide soft contact with the piano finish. Made of the highest quality, it provides protection from dust and scratches, and is perfect for use in churches, home, concert halls, classrooms, etc.

YAMAHA Grand Piano Cover for C1-series made in Japan

This cover is designed to fit YAMAHA Grand Piano C1-series. It will not fit for other grand piano models.

YAMAHA Grand Piano Cover for C2-series

Made to fit C2-series pianos (serial No. after 4,900,000), this cover looks great on the piano and doesn’t have a bulky look. It looks elegant, has a beautiful Yamaha logo. Provides protection from dust and scratches, and a must-have for your Yamaha grand piano.

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano Cover

This piano cover is designed to cover a Yamaha C3 piano (which measures 6’1″ in length). The cover is made out of a black padded, quilted material–with the outer layer being made of nylon, in a 4″ diamond pattern. The inner layer is black in color, and has a soft material to prevent any damage to your piano. Side splits – allow you to play the piano without taking entire cover off.

Clairevoire Grandeur: Classic Premium Velvet Grand Piano Cover

Clairevoire Grandeur: Classic Premium Velvet Grand Piano Cover for Yamaha GB1 / GB1K / GA1 / CN151PE [151cm |5 Ft]
Clairevoire piano covers use high-grade materials, provides a combination of functionality and aesthetics.
Foldovers by the sides allow the keyboard to be easily accessed without the hassle of removing the cover.

Kawai RX2 Grand Piano Cover

Kawai RX2 piano cover measures 5’10” in length. Its made of black padded, quilted material–with the outer layer being made of nylon, in a 4″ diamond pattern. The inner layer is a soft material to prevent any damage to your piano. This piano coversfeatures side splits, which allow you to flip open the front of the piano cover to expose the keyboard, so that you can play the piano without having to take the entire piano cover off. Quilted covers are the most attractive, suitable for any home setting, as well as churches, schools, or anywhere.

Steinway Grand Piano Cover Model M 5’7″

High quality black quilted grand piano cover, manufactured of high quality nylon with a soft, snag-proof polypropylene backing that provides soft contact with the piano finish. Perfect for churches, concert halls, classrooms, etc. It looks much more attractive than a plain vinyl cover; very professional looking.
This Grand Piano Cover fits Steinway M grand pianos measuring 5’7″.

Grand Piano Cover: Buying Guide

Choice of Color

The most common colors that are available are black, ebony and brown, so you may choose one of these colors for your piano cover. Though color is a personal choice if your piano is ebony colored, then you should preferably get a black cover. Bust as mentioned if the decor of your room calls for another color then please feel free to go with that color to complement the surrounding.

Buying a Grand Piano Cover

Choosing a keyboard cover for most portable keyboards is quite easy as a standard stretchable one fits most keyboards. You have options of going in for a 61 or 76 key keyboard cover or an 88 key keyboard cover.

But when it comes to pianos, both upright as well as grand piano, the piano covers need to be of different sizes, depending on the size of your piano. When you order an upright piano cover or grand piano covers, it needs to fit your piano perfectly.

Choice of Fabric

The most common material when it comes to fabric of a piano cover is vinyl, very easy to wipe it clean using a damp cloth or even using a vacuum cleaner.

These are also lightweight so Grand piano covers made of vinyl are easier to remove and place on the piano.

But if water is a big concern for you and really want your piano cover to be water-resistant then you can use Kiwi Camp Dry to the cover to make the material totally water-proof.

Grand Piano Covers


It is possible to order custom made upright or grand piano cover where you can specify whether you want the cover that goes all the way to the floor or not. Obviously this would cost extra, but you do have this option especially if you live in a very dusty area. By the way, you also have the option of protecting the legs of your piano by purchasing separate leg covers.

Locking Straps are particularly important if you expect children to be near the piano. These act as a barrier in case the kids are tempted to remove the cover to play the piano. Most hotels, schools, churches have expensive pianos so adding locking straps to the piano covers just makes it more safe.

So as you can see besides keyboard covers, you also get organ covers, upright piano covers & grand piano covers to protect your keyboard instrument from dust, pets and accident spills. Piano repair and maintenance can be an expensive affair so investing in a good piano cover is a small price to keep it safe.

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