Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Review

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar Review

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Review

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar has been around for a long time and is still regarded as one of the better products out there for DVD guitar lessons.

This is meant for beginners and intermediate guitarists, looking for structured and comprehensive guitar training program.

The Learn and Master series from Legacy Learning Systems covers other music instruments as well and has good reviews for their Quality of Lessons and more importantly their Customer Support.

Global Appeal

The course has been designed by master guitarist Steve Krenz so you can expect some good stuff here. It has been designed for global appeal with the intention of reaching out to student in various countries (95 countries already).

To further expand the reach of Learn and Master Guitar course, Legacy Learning Systems have recently announced their homeschool version, which is a complete 2-Year guitar curriculum designed for Home School families

About Steve Krenz

Steve is a well known guitarist, travels around the world to play, and has played for symphonies, jazz bands and performed with other music celebrities.

He holds a music degree, is a experienced instructor and is known for his ability to relate to aspiring guitarists of all ages.

Steve playing a smooth Jazz Guitar song from the course. This video was filmed at the Nashville Jazz Workshop.

Video of Steve playing Ode to Joy at the Nashville Jazz Workshop.

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar Review

What Does it Contain?

Compare this against other guitar courses that are available and you will quickly realize the wide scope and comprehensive nature of this guitar training program.

Here’s what you get as part of the instructional package:

20 Professionally Produced DVD’s
5 Exciting Jam-Along CD’s
100+ Page Lesson Book
Unlimited Free Access to their Huge Membership Community / Forums
60-day Money Back Guarantee (I don’t think you will need to do that)

Any Downside?

Learn and Master Guitar Review of the downside:

This is a comprehensive guitar course and if you are not really serious about learning to play, then you could end up wasting the resource.

The course material is not available as online lessons but only in the form of DVDs. So just ensure that your DVD player is working.

You do have an online community though where you can interact with like-minded musicians, post your music recordings, and get feedback from other experienced boarders or even from Steve, who drops by occasionally to help.

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar Review

You are in Safe Hands

Beginning and intermediate students who want to learn to play the guitar on their own will find this a wonderful resource. Cost wise it is not much compared to what you would pay for private lessons, other comforts being you can learn right at home.

As a guitarist you would want to learn to play killer guitar solos. With this course, you have access to several exercises and practice songs. It is suitable for any guitarist no matter what skill level they are at. You could be playing the guitar for several years but you can still use it every day. You need to practice on a daily basis, and your guitar playing will come on in leaps and bounds –no exaggeration whatsoever. And these products help you learn in several different styles of music.

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is indeed one of the most comprehensive and well laid down home instruction package for guitar currently. Learn & rehearse at your own pace now!

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar Review
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