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Reviews of popular Gibson Electric Guitars, especially the LES Paul variants, that are a favorite with punk, blues, grunge and garage rockers for decades.

Gibson Les Paul guitars have been a no-nonsense favorite of rock ‘n’ rollers ever since the 1950s and 1960s. Most of these are now available with upgraded electronics and are available in a wide range of prices. The high end ones come with attractive finishes (hand-applied finishing process), elegant chrome hardware and inlays, to ensure that these live up to their model’s high standards.

You also have options of sub-$1000 Gibson electrics that have been cut down in the cosmetics department (less ornate inlays) but still retains the supreme playability that you expect from a gibson.

Recommended Guitars

Gibson LES Paul Junior Special Electric Guitar
Gibson Les Paul Junior Special Electric Guitar
A favorite since its introduction in the 1950s, this dual-humbucker version of the classic Les Paul Jr. has been the guitar of choice for countless rock ‘n’ roll players. This is a classic with raw humbucking power.

Gibson Les Paul Studio '70s Tribute Electric GuitarGibson Les Paul Studio ’70S Tribute Electric Guitar
Here’s an iconic guitar from the past with upgraded electronics, dual mini-humbuckers and a comfortable neck profile. The calibrated pickup winding offers balanced output in both rhythm and lead positions with increased output on the bridge pickup. Now you can capture the vintage vibe of a ’70s Les Paul.

Gibson 2013 Les Paul Standard Plus Electric Guitar Gibson 2013 Les Paul Standard Plus Electric Guitar with Case
The 2013 Les Paul Standard Plus gives you an array of attractive finishes and finely selected tonewoods, with groundbreaking switching possibilities and supreme playability. The tried-and-true combination of mahogany body, mahogany neck, and maple top is retained with the added versatility of split coil pickups.

Gibson Gloss Series 1968 Flying V Electric GuitarGibson Gloss Series 1968 Flying V Electric Guitar (with Case)

The Flying V guitar is perfectly suited for the growing rock n’ roll culture of the day. Featuring the V-shaped Mahogany body of the original ’58 model with the rounded Mahogany neck of the ’60s model, this electric guitar is truly a classic.

Gibson and Les Paul are the guys who were instrumental in bringing the electric guitar to the wider mass. Gibson and Fender are two most popular names when it comes to electric instruments, and time and again they have been seen in the hands of heralded guitarists.

The sound of a Gibson Les Paul comes from a combination of the mahogany body, the maple top, and the hot humbucking pickups. The Les Paul has seen several distinct incarnations over the years, but the design has remained largely unchanged since its introduction.

Gibson SG is one of the most distinctive and popular solid-body electric guitar designs to have come out of the last half century. In fact, Gibson recently proclaimed the SG Standard to be its best-selling guitar ever! This iconic double-cutaway tone machine has found its way into the hands of top players and its unique blend of humbucker-fueled richness and a stirring mid-range has made the Gibson SG a studio stalwart for decades.

Be it players who are eager to use the gorgeous, round, mellow tones that are perfect for playing jazz and blues, or those who want the edge and sustain of a full-blooded solid-body, Gibson’s electric guitars have always been the mainstay of most guitar players.

Though Gibson is more popular for their Les Paul and SG series of guitars, however there is much more to Gibson than that.

gibson electric guitar
Most experienced guitar players feel that the SGs are demanding to play but reward your efforts, whereas Les Pauls are more fun to play but somewhat limited in their range. Many also feel that you like guitar based on what tone you want.

If you want more of a powerful humbucker sound (than a single coil tone) with sustain, then you will like the Gibson guitars. Then there are also additional factors such as the effects that you use and what amplifier you use that has some bearing on the final sound you hear.

Gibson guitars are available in many finish options, reflecting the color choices that have evolved over the model’s several decades of history.

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