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Review of Gibson Bass Guitars

Way back in the 1950s, Gibson introduced their first bass pioneering the single-pickup bass design. The 60s saw an explosion of rock which saw the launch of newer Gibson bass models, turning thousands of enthusiastic players towards their new burgeoning line of products.

Rock bassists were drawn towards the thunderous Gibson low-end sound, brought on by Gibson’s fiery humbucking bass pickups. And when Gibson set the now-legendary Grabber loose in ’73, their bass star rose, and stayed on the big stage.

Take any big names in Rock music and you will find them using Gibson bass guitars!

Recommended Gibson Bass Guitars

Gibson 2014 EB5 Electric Bass, 5-String

Gibson 2014 EB5 Electric Bass, 5-String (with Case)

Gibson’s EB5 Bass reaches new lows with this 5-string, the tones are warm and the overall tonal range is balanced. You can dial in a wide range of bass tones with two blendable, coil-tappable alnico humbuckers. Read more…

buy Gibson 2015 SG Standard Electric Bass (with Case)

Gibson 2015 SG Standard Electric Bass (with Case)

It may look like a smallish guitar but don’t let the size fool you. This good-looking short-scale bass can lay down some thick and dirty grooves, courtesy its two T-bird pickups. It plays effortlessly and delivers full tone thanks to its T-Bird Plus and vintage-style T-Bird Mini pickups. Read more…

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More on the Humbuckers

Any bass player would expect a thick, beefy tone with warm sustain from their bass guitars, and this what you precisely get out of Gibson bass guitars. These are lovely looking bass that also sound equally good sound.

gibson bass guitars
These guitars deliver powerful sounds, and one of the main reasons is their pickups.

Most of their guitars come with a combination of humbuckers, each offering different tonal capabilities, that makes these ideal for playing in different styles of music.

The humbuckers on these versatile instruments are wax-potted, which makes them capable of capturing and recreating the classic attributes of the early Gibson basses.

Adjustable Bridge System

Most Gibson bass guitars, especially the ones in the SG series, feature Gibson’s innovative three-way adjustable bridge system.

Now you can adjust and fine-tune the height of the bass’ strings in any direction, giving the bridge a “floating” feature that allows for multiple set-up options and a variety of string gauges.

So go get one Gibson Bass Guitar and start playing slapping and other funk-related techniques.

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