How much to charge for recording, mixing / mastering services?

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    Question received on email from Matt Smith…

    I am building small studio that will do recording, mixing / mastering and help event organisers build concerts / gigs.

    I will initially focus on getting the small bands. Prove them first good and “more professional” demos and help them to understand basics how albums / songs are recorded. Same with events / gigs…help small organizers get proper audio, do stage setup and live mixing.

    Although I am not a professional…I am experienced and would call myself an amateur.

    Looking for suggestions on the right price basis in order to get small projects so that I also learn experiences and get some compensation.

    Services that I would like to offer:
    – recording and recording engineer work 8 hours
    – mixing one song
    – recording / mixing / mastering one song
    – live mixing of one show 1-4 hours including mixer setup
    – building stage, live mixing all bands and general audio work / handyman >12 hours

    Would appreciate if I get some suggestions on the industry fees for these kind of services!

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