Top American football coach Nick Saban is sentimental about pianos

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter Nick Saban’s house is the piano, and Saban likes to welcome guests with a story about the piano (that he doesn’t play).

Nicholas Saban is an American football coach (head football coach at the University of Alabama).

Few decades back, Nick Saban splurged on a beautiful Kohler & Campbell console piano (despite the fact that it was well beyond their means), and spent years paying it off (because he valued its high calibre). The piano adorns their home even today.

Saban doesn’t know how to play the piano, and he e dreaded his childhood accordion lessons (his only exposure to music). I guess that’s the reason he values his pianos so much.

And Saban has owned several pianos till now. The centerpiece of his living room is the Yamaha Disklavier piano (also known as a self-playing piano). What Saban likes about this piano is that it easily catches people’s attention because it plays by itself. Its loaded with music by The Eagles, Adele, The Rolling Stones, and more.

“It’s right there as soon as you walk in, so why not tell us about it”

And Saban doesn’t mind any of his musically inclined football players try their hands on his piano. For instance, Alabama freshman Jared Mayden showed off his unexpected talent at the piano.

The Saban’s even picked a Kawai grand piano to gift it to their son for his graduation. Earlier they thought they will gift their first piano but then Saban didn’t want to lose something of so much personal value.

“Here you’ve got the best football coach living – and maybe the best ever – getting sentimental about a piano.”

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