Fog Machine Guide: Smoke Machines for Stage, Dancefloor & Theatrical Lighting

Using the Fog Machine / smoke machine is the best way to further intensify a spooky theme, or add to the ambiance in a dance club.


Fog Machine, smoke MachineBe it movie, theater, dance or plays, organizers want you to experience the best, and want to provide as realistic experience as possible.

A Fog Machine definitely helps in creating a specific mood or feeling for a theatrical moment, and is often used in plays. These can also be in seen in clubs, big concerts and in most Halloween decorations.

Note: Hazers produce a finer, more dispersed mist than fog machines, and are best when you want to provide a more subtle effect.

How Does it Work?

Companies associated with professional entertainment do come out with innovative products all the time, and a Fog Machine (also known as smoke machine) is definitely one of them.

It is an equipment that can emit a dense-vapor, which appears to be similar to fog or smoke.

There are further variations of this equipment, such as the pea souper which are very effective for creating thick low hanging fog. The main content of a pea souper is dry ice and not fog juice, and these can be more expensive and difficult to use than a normal fog machine.

Liquid Inside the Fog Machine

Fog is created by vaporizing some sort of liquid – glycol-based or glycerin-based fluids (referred to as fog juice).

This fluid vaporizes inside the fog machine giving the desired effect.

Is it Safe to Breathe?

So is it safe to breathe when the fog machine is up and running?

Most fog machine fluids are made from a water and glycol solution, which is not considered to be hazardous, so it should be okay to breathe.

However, excessive exposure could cause problems, especially those with respiratory problems (such as asthma). In some cases, it could cause respiratory or throat irritation as well.

Although the issues have not been documented by any research, most films nowadays add smoke effects digitally in post-production instead of using smokes on set.

More Uses of Fog Machines

Besides their various applications, a fog machine is commonly used during Halloween, to add to the spookiness of the various decorations.

For most the best part of Halloween is being able to decorate the outside of their home. The more innovative ones design a detour so that the guests can be taken on a long walk that circles the backyard before leading to the entrance. This is the best way to showcase your decorative efforts to them.

Ghost are an old favorite, and the newer designs are now available in inflatable form to make them look real; enough to make your guest look over their shoulder twice.

Types of Fog Machines

Here are the various types of fog machines, differentiated based on the wattage. The more the wattage the more the volume of fog it can produce.

  • 400 Watt: Perfect for home use, its powerful enough to add fog to one room.
  • 700 Watt: Perfect choice for your yard or larger spaces.
  • 1000 Watt: This is the largest size available. Its the perfect choice for very large venues.
  • Ground Fog Machines: It creates fog that stays very low, close to the ground. These are perfect for Halloween yard decorations (increases the creep factor) or in larger indoor areas. It requires a special kind of fog juice (ice is also added) that prevents the vapors from rising up in the air too quickly.

Halloween Special

This is the time for many to get innovative to create a really spooky theme. People now use Special sound effects and programmable props to make the experience more scary.

How about littering the lawn with fake body parts and fake blood splattered all over, and using fog to intensify the spooky theme? Sounds scary already! The use of a fog machine can only enhance this spooky experience.

When used along with lighting effects, fog machines & hazers can create an incredible atmosphere for your performance, and give it that extra edge and mystique.

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