FL Studio vs Reason: Which One Helps You Create Better Dance Music?

fl-studio vs propellerhead reason

Reason vs FL Studio Producer (erstwhile fruity-Loops): Reviews, Comparison, Pros and Cons…

When it comes to music production studio software, Propellerhead Reason and FL studio are one of the most popular software available for music production.

Both these software programs have transformed and come a long way from their earlier versions. Fruity Loops has now become FL Studio, and Reason continues to make improvements to it software besides launching “Record”, which has the capability to record Audio.

Lot of enthusiasts will argue that Cubase is better than Logic, Reason is better than FL Studio, and so on. If you are totally new to music production, then FL Studio seems easy to use and the Reason interface seemed incomprehensible to the novice. But, if you already have knowledge of music production, you may find FL’s interface to be a bit counter-intuitive.

Having said that, the fact is that users of each of these software will swear by them, and the reality is that you really have to spend hours & hours to learn to use the features that are provided on these software.

fl studio vs reason

FL Studio 10 Producer
Propellerhead Reason 6

Earlier Days

I still remember the day when I laid my hands on Fruity loops (now FL Studio) and Reason.

Fruity-loops was easy to use right from the word “go” and an hour into the software, I already started getting a hang of it (it also helped because my friend had used it before).

Reason on the other hand looked daunting (may be because I was also hearing it from everybody’s mouth) but a few weeks later I could appreciate what it was providing. It was a true virtual studio with some amazing synth and bass sounds, and lot of automation capabilities.

Complete Virtual Studios

Both have now transformed into complete virtual music production studios, with both the software programs having their dedicated share of fan following. But Propellerhead Reason is now seen as a tool for pure professional music production work, whereas the use of FL Studio is varied – ranging from professionals to amateurs.

Beginners Choice?

FL Studio did not give much importance to brand building earlier on (I think that is one of the reasons they have changed the name to FL Studio from Fruity loops) in spite of the fact that they were quite popular among users.

Another thing is that just because it was inexpensive lot of beginners started using fruity loops and started putting out their stuff on the internet for others to hear. And since they were learners, I am sure experienced users will easily point out that the final mix could be improved with proper use of effects. That is probably one of the reasons many people say that Reason sounds better than FL studio.

Used to its full potential, FL studio definitely has all the tools for you to produce some great music. More on FL Studio, and Propellerhead Reason.

Final Thoughts

The debate between these two virtual software studios will continue to go on with a large fan base support for both the software. It’s like most beginners, looking for their first keyboard, asking which one is better – Casio or the Yamaha and both have their advantages.

FL Studio and Reason have come a long way from their earlier days. If you are interested in hip hop, funk, dance, and house music, and want something that lets you get started easily, then compared to Logic, Reason, and Cubase, a FL studio is the preferred software. The cost also plays in its favor. It doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other kinds of music, but those are the genres where FL Studio is mostly used.

Lot of hardcore music programmers complain about the lack of professional sounds in FL Studio but then their sound library has definitely improved a lot over the years.

Propellerhead Reason, on the other hand, has managed to gain the respect of the professionals and it has tools and sounds that make it suitable for create music for any genre of music, and not necessarily dance based. Propellerhead Reason is great product if you, as a music producer or songwriters, want to do a wide range of musical projects.

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