Famous People & Celebrities Who Play the Piano

Some of the famous people & celebrities who play the Piano

Vladimir Putin, Condeliza Rice, Grant Hill (basketball player)…
Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Gary Barlow, Clint Eastwood, Sean Hayes, Hugh Laurie, Britney Spears, Hugh Jackman, Sandra Bullock, Guy Pearce, Elijah Wood…

Justin Bieber on the piano
britney spears on the Piano

Justin Bieber (as a teen) on the Piano

Putin on Piano

Clint Eastwood playing the piano

Condoleezza Rice on Piano

Richard Gere on the Piano

Britney Spears on the Piano

Hugh Laurie on the Piano

Sean Hayes (Will & Grace) on the Piano

Is it Really Mario Balotelli Playing the Italian National Anthem on the Piano?

Mario Balotelli Playing the Italian National Anthem on the Piano

We didn’t know that the Italian soccer player Mario Balotelli played the piano.

Here’s an amateur video showing Mario playing the Italian national anthem on a piano accompanied by Andrea Pirlo (watches him play).

However, it seems that this is a fake video, and as per 101 Great Goals, this is just an attempt by a Chinese advertising firm to create a viral video (probably so that they could sell more pianos?).

The video however looks real to us and Mario definitely seem to have the skills on the ivory keys. Irrespective, here’s Mario Balotelli showing off his talent on the piano.

Barcelona Star Neymar Shows His Piano Skills: Plays Alicia Keys Hit Song
Barcelona Star Neymar shows his piano skills: plays Alicia Keys hit single ‘If I Ain’t Got You’.

This soccer player definitely seems to be a player of many talents. The 22-year-old Brazilian shows-off his skills on the piano.

Checkout the video here.

Neymar tickling the ivories on the piano

Can’t see his hands on the piano? Well, we did read similar comments on YouTube, but I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Besides, there seem to be one or two bum notes so I guess that makes it even more authentic.

Here’s the original song.

Alicia Keys – ‘If I Ain’t Got You’

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls Demonstrates His Talent for the Piano
Even politicians have hobbies, and can spare time to learn things that are close to their hearts. Here’s Ed Balls showing off his keyboard skills during an impromptu piano performance at Labour Party conference that was held in Manchester. Mr Balls has cleared his Grade 1 piano exam.

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