Essential Guitar Accessories for Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitars

Essential Guitar Accessories for Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitars

Essential Guitar Accessories for Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitars

Here are some essential guitar accessories that you would need in case you own acoustic, electric, or bass guitars.

These are not in any particular order of importance but every guitarist, beginner or experienced, should have this as part of their essential music gear accessories.

Recommended Accessories

You definitely need a guitar to start learning and to play the guitar. But then there are some guitar accessories which are required as part of regular maintenance, and in general, to make your guitar playing more pleasurable.

To start with you need a pack of nice assorted guitar picks, preferably in a wide variety of thicknesses. You will need a few because it is very easy to misplace these. A pickholder is also recommended to keep all the picks together at one place.

Also consider getting yourself a guitar hanger, perfect for home and studios. These have tubing that ensures there are no marks on the finish of your instrument and these adjustable in width as well.

Another thing that you will need quite often is a set of spare strings. The slinky string set is designed specifically for rock/metal/progressive heavier jam bands/etc. whereas if you own an acoustic guitar you may consider these excellent acoustic guitar strings. To make it easier for you to change the strings, a handy string winder and cutter is recommended.

Over a period of time, guitars go out of tune so you will also need to tune your guitar. You do get some excellent chromatic tuner that comes with a built-in mic / internal vibration sensor to tune your instrument.

From a performance perspective, here is an excellent 6 string capo, one of the most popular quick-release capos around. For practicing your music a guitar stand definitely helps. So consider getting yourself a good guitar stand with a nice leg-locking mechanism.

A Guitar Pickup helps to capture your guitar sounds clearly while performing, especially useful if you play the acoustic guitar. An acoustic guitar pickup nicely secures to the underside of your bridgeplate, inside the guitar.

There are a lot of wannabe guitarists who would want to have a Guitar Strap. It helps to give a nice support since they are easily adjustable and also makes you look like a pro.

Guitar Accessories for Acoustic Electric Bass Guitars

Guitar Accessories


The strings of your guitar need to be in tune if you want your guitar playing to sound right. If you don’t do it right, and if you’re a beginner, you may not even realize that your guitar is not sounding right. So tuners are very important, Read more on Guitar Tuners.

Spare Unused Strings

This is an obvious one. Guitar strings do break so have at least one set of unused strings handy so that you can immediately replace the ones that break. Depending on how much you play, you also need to change your guitar strings at least once every 2-3 months for your guitar to sound lively. Read more on Guitar Strings.

Collection of Picks

The best picks are great for playing in many different styles. Besides, you don’t want to keep on searching for it if you ever lose one, so have a good collection of picks ready.


You can read more guitar capo reviews here. A capo lasts for many users (unless of course you lose them) and is a worthwhile investment. Read more Guitar Capos.


If you have to play from a guitar book or music sheet, where do you keep it, as you play your guitar? Often ignore, a stand is a must especially if you are going to do a lot of learning from books and sheets. Read more Guitar Stands.


This is a very useful accessory that you need, especially as a beginner. In fact, even if you are experienced I suggest you use a metronome for practicing. It helps you to make sure you’re keeping in time while playing the guitar. Digital metronomes are also available nowadays!

Essential Guitar Accessories


Electric guitar players hate the hum that comes from their amps. Using a guitar without humbuckers, you would hear a slight but noticeable hum from the amplifier during the silent sections of the music. Humbuckers will drastically reduce the hum effect.

Guitar Strap & Lock

If you are looking for style or something that gives you weight-relief, and to protect your guitar from accidental drops, you need guitar straps and locks. Read more on Guitar Straps.


You’ve several pedals that you could choose from and as you play more with your guitar, you’ll know better what pedals you need. A booster pedal definitely helps to give that nice expanse to your tone, it is not just about more volume.


You may have the perfect guitar, the perfect amp and the best pedal board setup but then the cables do play a very important role in the setup if you want a clean sound to come from the amps. To get rid of the handling noise, you need the best cable, be it onstage, studio or for practice.


Have an expensive acoustic guitar? It might be cheaper to get a humidifier than a crack repair or bridge re-glue. Winters and a dry climate results in cracks and lifted bridges on your acoustic guitar, so you may want to use a humidifier to deal with the problem.

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