ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar


ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar reviewed here. The ESP LTD AX50 features a body that resembles a battle axe (a metal tone to match), has bolt-on maple neck and ESP humbuckers for powerful sound.

Review of ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar

  • PROS: Nice action, good looks, great price
  • CONS: Too light, long neck

Here’s a well-made electric guitar that combines advanced body design, with good construction & electronics, has lots of attitude with solid ESP virtues, and available at an affordable price. The guitar is very lightweight (feels a bit cheap but its not) but has an incredible sound and is very easy to tune.

The pickups generate enough power to make your amp go Metal, it sounds dark, large and powerful. There’s no need to upgrade the pickups unless you want to go active (there’s ample space available).

Experienced players can upgrade to better pickups (to use as an add-on guitar). However, it comes with a bolt on neck which may not be the best to play really fast solos and sweeps.

Smooth fingerboard
The rosewood fingerboard feels very smooth and comfortable to play upon.

Comfortable to play
the guitar has a nice design and is comfortable to hold and play; it fits perfectly between legs in sitting position because of the axe shape.

Nice Sustain
The guitar has a nice sustain, thanks to the strings that going through the body.

The ESP LTD AX50 is great for intermediate players too, but its perfect for the learner (and for the price its quite good). Kids and players with short arms may find the neck to be a bit too long. For beginners, its a good buy, considering the price.

Here are the main features of the ESP LTD AX50:

  • Bolt-On Construction with Basswood Body and Maple Neck
  • Two ESP-Designed LH-150 pickups – ESP LH-150 (B & N) humbuckers p.u.
  • Menacing Black Satin finish
  • 25.5″ Scale, 24 XJ Frets (extra jumbo fret)
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • TOM-style bridge with string-thru-body design
  • 42mm Standard Nut
  • Thin U Neck Contour
  • Chrome Hardware
  • ESP Tuners
  • Tune-o-matic TOM Bridge
  • Available in SS (Silver Satin) & BLKS (Black Satin) finish.

ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar

If you want an stylish & extreme guitar to fit your style of music, you should check out the ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar. Good construction, high-quality electronics, highly stylized AX body shape, available at a reasonable price.

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