Ernie Ball Guitar Strings: For Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitars

ernie ball regular slinky string set

Ernie Ball Guitar Strings: Guitar strings are accessories that you will need quite often, considering they break quite often. Besides, they do have an impact on the sound produced so it does make sense to go in for good quality ones. That is where you’ll need something like Ernie Ball Guitar Strings. Ernie Ball makes a range of Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitar strings.

About Ernie Ball

When it comes to guitar strings, Ernie Ball is quite popular among students and players. Today, Ernie Ball guitar strings are considered to be among the finest in the world. The Super Slinky line of electric guitar strings have been around since the sixties. Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame-Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Aerosmith, Slash, Jeff Beck and Pete Townshend, are just few of the artists who endorse and use Ernie Ball guitar strings.

The original Ernie Ball Slinky guitar strings were so named because they were so much more comfortable (and “slinky”) than the heavier gauge strings that players had traditionally used. Today, in addition to the nickel wound and pure nickel wrap strings, Ernie Ball has Cobalt Slinkys, well-received due to their extended tonal range and soft feel. They also offer Coated Slinkys, which last up to 5 times longer than traditional strings.

Recommended Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings

  • Ernie Ball 2921 M-Steel Regular Slinky Electric Guitar String Set
  • Ernie Ball 2923 M-Steel Super Slinky Electric Guitar String Set
  • Ernie Ball 2220 Power Slinky Nickel Wound Set (11 – 48)
  • Ernie Ball 2221 Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Set (10 – 46)
  • Ernie Ball 2223 Super Slinky Nickel Wound Set (09 – 42)
  • Ernie Ball 2215 Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom Slinky Nickel Wound Set (10 – 52)
  • Ernie Ball 2627 Beefy Slinky Nickel Wound String Set (11 – 54)
  • Ernie Ball P02721 Cobalt Regular Slinky Electric Guitar Strings, .010-.046 Gauge

Ernie Ball Acoustic Guitar Strings

  • Ernie Ball 2008 Earthwood Rock and Blues 80/20 Bronze Acoustic String Set with plain G (10 – 52)
  • Ernie Ball 2566 Aluminum Bronze Medium-Light Acoustic Guitar String Set (.012 – .054)

Ernie Ball Bass Guitar Strings

  • Ernie Ball 2832 Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Bass Set (50 – 105)
  • Ernie Ball 2834 Super Slinky Nickel Round Wound Bass Set (45 – 100)

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky String Set

Ernie Ball Regular Slinky String SetErnie Ball Regular Slinky String Set Review: Durable, consistent and good sounding strings for any rock or metal guitarist.

Here are the main features of these strings.

  • Nickel plated steel wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire
  • Plain strings are made of specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel
  • Size: Medium
  • Gauges: 10-13-17-26-36-46

  • These are one of the more popular strings that not only sound great and are durable, but are also quite cheap and easily available in case you need new ones. These are inexpensive, yet great quality guitar strings. Built to last longer, though strings do break from time to time.

    Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Strings

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