Epiphone Guitars: Guide & Reviews

Epiphone GuitarsGuide to Epiphone Guitars. Checkout their range of acoustic & electric guitars. Owned by Gibson, these are the more affordable look-alike’s of the more expensive Les Paul and other types of electric guitars made by Gibson.

From being a small family repair shop, Epiphone has gone on to become a big name in the world of guitars. If you are a serious guitar player, you always have the options of going in for a Gibson or a Fender, but then these can be expensive. This is where brands like Epiphone play their part with their range of products that are not only high on quality, but also within the reach of many guitarists.

There’s no doubt that beginners & intermediate guitarists love to use this brand — these look much like their more expensive counterparts and are easy on the pockets.

History of Epiphone

Here’s a brief history of this brand:

  1. Epiphone came into existence in 1873
  2. Post the hardships of World War II, Gibson bought over Epiphone in 1957.
  3. In the nineteen seventies, Gibson moved all Epiphone production from the US to Japan
  4. Because Gibson makes expensive guitars, Epiphone are offered as budget guitars (affordable versions of Gibson models), which makes better business sense.

Epiphone vs Gibson

Most Epiphones do look similar to the popular Gibson models. So what are the differences, say between an Epiphone Les Paul and a Gibson Les Paul?

Here’s what Dr. Epiphone had to say to this question.

“Epiphone Les Paul guitars are built 100 percent to Gibson Les Paul specifications but are about 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost. For that, we have to make some adjustments to the specifications in order to be able to offer our customers this kind of value. Some of these adjustments include fewer inlays, a thinner maple-veneer top, and the use of chrome hardware instead of gold“.

Not Really Cheap

In fact, in recent years the quality of Epiphone guitars has only gone up, and they do make professional quality guitars as well.

Their cost advantage at the moment is because they get most of their work done in cheaper locations, but that could however change in the future.

You now have many more top guitar players, who are endorsing Epiphone guitars, and that obviously means they are top professional quality guitars.

Epiphone Electric Guitars

Epiphone LP-100 and Epiphone LP Special ii are both great beginner electric guitars.

Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar
The Epiphone Les Paul Special II offers Les Paul looks for a price that is simply irresistible. With dual open-coil humbuckers and a mahogany neck, it’s a great deal for beginners.

Epiphone LP-100 Les Paul Electric Guitar
The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is a great electric guitar for beginners, or if you’re looking for a low-cost LP electric guitar. It comes with dual humbuckers and a bolt-on neck, and provides excellent value for money.

More Epiphone Electric Guitars…

Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

Recommended Acoustic Guitars

  • Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar
  • Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Player Pack
  • Epiphone DR-500MCE Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar

Range of Offerings

The Epiphone Guitars include the various series such as:

Electric Guitars

  • Les Paul
  • Designer
  • SG
  • Bass
Acoustic Guitars

  • Acoustic
  • Acoustic/Electric
  • Nylon
  • Bluegrass

Final Thoughts

Almost every major guitar manufacturer (and makers of other musical instruments as well) have production capacity in Asia. With good guitars (considerably) available for $300 to $400, guitar manufacturers are looking at every possible business move to remain competitive. Some of the Epiphone guitars are becoming more and more similar to the popular Gibson models, and at times it does become difficult to differentiate the two. When in doubt, its best to play the guitar and decide for yourself, rather than guided by the logo on the headstock.

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